4 Ways Your Server is Sabotaging Your WordPress Site

4 Ways Your Server is Sabotaging Your WordPress Site

For businesses and individuals, having an interactive, intuitive, and eye-catching website is optimal to business success. WordPress is an excellent platform to create a website and manage content.  

But despite everything on your WordPress site looking great, server issues and errors can crop up — like slow website loading, bandwidth limitations, or connection errors. Luckily, all these challenges are easy to fix.  

If you create WordPress websites, here are five ways to understand if your server hosting is compromising their performance.  

Pages Take a Long Time to Load  

 Pages Take a Long Time to Load

Website load time is crucial. Each second counts as the average user has no patience for pages that take too long to load.  

A research by Google indicates that if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, you’ll have a 90% probability of a bounce.   

There are times when businesses may not have expected a sudden rush of visitors on their website, and while this is excellent news for your marketing, it could impact the website’s speed or result in downtime. 

Take the following measures and see if these solve the problem:  

  1. Optimise your WordPress website by taking a few simple steps mentioned here. 
  2. Make sure to check the ‘Server Status’ with your hosting provider and report the issue. Contact the support representative to monitor the performance and bandwidth limitations of your WordPress website.  

 In case you face downtime frequently, it could be due to the server space being full, and it is time to decide to upgrade if the problem persists. 

‘Server Does Not Exist’ Error 

'Server Does Not Exist' Error

If slow loading issues keep you up at night, the ‘Server does not exist’ error could give you sleepless nights for days!  

If visitors to your website get a blank page and this error, it is time to contact the hosting provider immediately. The ‘Server does not exist’ error can be due to some issues with your hosting account.  

This can range from your hosting plan not being renewed, your website exceeding bandwidth and storage limit, or worse, suspension of your account. Make sure to speak with the hosting company to understand the issue. Get it resolved right away to get your website back online.  

Email Form Is Not Working 

Email Form Is Not Working

Has it been some time since you received an email query from your website despite having multiple Call-to-Actions?  

Many web hosting plans offer email hosting with your domain name. If there’s a problem with your emails not coming through to your intended email account, it’s time to test the form to understand the problem or get in touch with the web host. 

The issues could range from simple spelling errors in the WordPress forms, the inbox being full, or the email space maxed-out for your account.  

If your emails are forwarded to an account and there is an issue, configure your account again. Check your account inbox and make sure everything is right to enable smooth communication. 

‘Error Establishing Database Connection’ 

Error Establishing Database Connection

If you are seeing the ‘Error establishing database connection’ page despite having no problems with the wp-config.php file, you may be facing two issues.  

First, the website may be breached. If this is the case, you need to run a security scan and get in touch with your hosting provider to make sure everything is secure.  

If the breach is not detected, the issue could be due to the provider temporarily disabling your database due to excessive use or some other problem.  

There could also be issues with the server that may not have been reported. In this case, reaching out to your hosting provider is the only way to confirm what’s going on. 

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Consider managed hosting  

For businesses that rely on WordPress to create websites for their clients, knowing the underlying server issues and familiarizing yourself with WordPress is a great start to gain control of your website. But these don’t guarantee that you won’t be facing such issues.  

If you want to avoid WordPress errors or need help when you’ve hit one of the above issues, consider getting managed WordPress hosting. This ensures your WordPress sites are consistently monitored for any roadblock that might come in the way.