How to Increase Conversion for your Site?

How to Increase Conversion for your Site?

If you’re planning to sell products online, the first thing on your mind would probably be to get as many visitor traffic as you can. After all, the higher your visitor traffic, the more exposure your website gets for your products or services.

Well, not so fast. Yes, it’s true that your net customers will be higher. However, the conversion percentage of visitors that turn to customers will also decrease.  The fact remains that there is only so many visitors that might want to buy what you’re selling. In a huge market, there’s no limit to the number of customers one may find but those in the small market might only see themselves well into hundreds of thousands of customers.

When your sole focus is growing your number of visitors, eventually you will find that you won’t be able to acquire more visitors at some point in time. It could be that you have tapped a wide majority of people within your niche or your niche is too massive that it would be too costly to target more of it. So how do you avoid striking a dead end to your marketing efforts? The short answer is to refine your conversion rate.

If you know how to double the number of visitors who bought something from your website, then this strategy can effectively direct your business to more opportunities for increased revenues and customer base.

How to Improve Conversion Rate?

There are several ways to not just get the right traffic but also increase conversion results. The tips below are by no means exhaustive. The important thing here is to make the right changes that work for your site’s conversion.

Search Marketing

You might want to look into how your search marketing strategies are performing. Check if your site traffic is really converting. See which of your keywords are bringing in traffic but do not convert as customers. In this case, focus your attention on keywords that actually send in real customers.

Sales Funnel

How you funnel your visitors from the time they arrive until they finally make the purchase is very crucial to conversion. Make sure to eliminate any unnecessary steps that might lead people to cut short their buying journey. Features such as a ‘reset’ button beside a submit button may confuse rather help potential customers to complete their transaction.

Make it easy and convenient for your customers to finish their purchase. You can have them create an account after they have completed the transaction instead of reminding them halfway through their purchase.

High-Converting Content

Some type of content has a huge impact on conversion rate. As an example, uploading video content can generate better conversion outcome than a blog post. However, don’t jump right into a video ad right away. Make sure that your video content is visually creative and useful to your visitors such as makeup tutorials if you’re selling makeup products. If you have any part in your blog post that is better explained as a video, then work on sharing that content.

Aside from publishing the right type of content that your visitors would like to engage with, it’s important to update content regularly to help customers stay in touch with your brand.

Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s face it. People are generally visual. If a visitor arrives at your website and it does not meet their aesthetic standards, then they probably won’t proceed with their purchase. A poor first impression will surely take a toll on your conversion, regardless if your products were of high quality.

A simple tweak on the colour, size of your website’s call-to-action button may lead casual visitors into clicking them. Try focusing on having a great design layout, choose the right colour and ensure that all pages load quickly.

Engage with Customers

There are so many tools to keep your customers engaged even after they bought something from your site. A live chat support feature allows your customers to contact you anytime if they need any assistance.

Adding links to your social media profiles extends the conversation beyond your website and allows your customers to share their experience with your brand to their own social network. Adding a quality forum is not for everyone, but it can boost your engagement rates as it allows customers to interact and get help from the forum community.

Conversion Rate: What Matters Most

As website owners, it’s not enough to check your visitor or page view statistics. Pay close attention to where customers land at your site, how they engage and at what stage of the conversion funnel are they staying or exiting your site. With the right conversion strategy in place, you can effectively focus on what actually works for your website and abandon things that aren’t.