Web Design Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop

web design

Adobe Photoshop is software utilized by both professionals and photography enthusiasts for editing photos and creating graphics. Photoshop is great for basic photo editing such as fixing the exposure and cropping. It is also used for designing graphics for both online and offline.

There are thousands of tutorials and guides that can help both beginners and professionals in using this software and use it productively for their graphic work.

Introduction to Photoshop

File Formats and Resolution

The Toolbox

Using Layers and Layer Styles/Effects

  • What Are Layer Styles? (PDF)  – Apply layer styles to different layers in a Photoshop project to produce different effects in a finished design.
  • Photoshop Layers (PDF)  –  In Photoshop, layers build on each other to create a finished design.

Colors and Gradients

Using Filters and Adjustment Layers

Typography and Fonts

Advanced Tools

Installing Advanced Plugins

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