5 Ways to Maintain a Business Mindset During the Pandemic

How to Maintain a Business Mindset Amidst the Pandemic

For the first time in its history, Singapore is shutting down. All but essential businesses remain open in the country, and even the nation’s borders are closed.

But just because we can’t go to the office, it doesn’t mean that companies have truly halted activities. Instead, Singapore’s professionals have now largely shifted to telecommuting.

Harnessing the power of the internet, companies — big and small — are keeping people employed and business running.

But shifting from office to work from home can be quite a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together these essential strategies to help you and your team maintain a business mindset no matter where they’re working from.

Embodying the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Singapore has over 180,000 SMEs. They are the backbone of the nation powering the economy towards prosperity.

In these times, it’s the creativity and ingenuity of entrepreneurs to help Singapore get past COVID-19 and resume strongebusiness industry.

Even more, it’s the ability to leverage flexibility to identify opportunities and define new business tactics that will form the foundational basis for these tips to bear fruit.

Keep your business mindset amid COVID-19: Here are 5 ways how

1. Take time to reevaluate

Take time to reevaluateWe all have extra time on our hands right now. Even if your business is thriving, there are no longer daily tasks like the morning commute eating up hours each day.

Now’s the time to reevaluate your business continuity strategies and how you run your business in general.

Are there areas where you can be more efficient? Are there new demographics you can target? Are there more space in the B2C (or B2B) markets you can take advantage of?

Use this time to look at your business at bird’s-eye view and get outside perspectives. Reach out to anybody to gather opinions, such as your friends and family members. You’ll be surprised by how much useful information you can dig up.

2. Set up a sound remote work environment

Setup a sound remote work environmentWhether you live in a 10-bedroom mansion or a studio apartment, creating a conducive working space is very much possible.

Make sure to separate your living and working areas as much as possible. You may have to rearrange daily, but it’s worth it. Just think of moving things around as your daily workout routine!

But more than a conducive home office, you should also invest in a strong IT infrastructure. Doing so inspires efficiency among your remote team.

Office 365

3. Consider internet-based solutions

Consider internet-based solutionsThe internet has long driven businesses to thrive even in a work from home setup. Even before the pandemic, 70% of people globally worked remotely at least once per week.

In previous years, companies have moved to cloud technologies, virtual machines, apps, and data from any location. All COVID-19 has done is accelerate such existing process.

Even after the pandemic ends, the world isn’t going to look the same. It’s best to think forward and level up your online space. Not only for an efficient remote workforce but also to appeato a remote clientele.

Now’s the time to invest in an IT infrastructure that will take your company furtherAnd this begins with using the right hosting service. You need a reliable business hosting that offers fast performance and strong security.

Business Hosting

4. Build on your success

Build on your successYou already have a vast treasure chest of consumer data, analytics, and other insights at your fingertips. Now’s the time to evaluate and maximise them for your business growth.

Here are few things you should be doing right now: 

  • Upgrade communication tools: To sync organisation emails, calendarsand contacts better. 
  • Streamline online marketing campaigns and sales pipeline: Tidentify new opportunities that capture more leads and grow your revenue.
  • Use surveys and other client success toolsTo better understand your clients, such as their motivations and purchasing activities.
  • Identify communication gaps: Retrace how you reach out to customers, such as your channels and messaging. Then spot parts you need to improve.
  • Use automation tools: Doing so inspires efficiency among your team, even when they’re working remotely.
  • Invest in skills trainings: Encourage your team to level up their relevant skills and knowledge.

5. Find extra support

Find extra supportIt would be hard to integrate all the strategies mentioned earlier if your company has been hit hard by the sudden shutdown. Especially for small companies that hugely rely on cash flow.

Dealing with payroll, rent, utilities, etc., can be challenging. That’s why the government is providing different forms of relief support. If your business qualifies, then you should apply.

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Your banking and financial partners may also have different assistance available, so check with them too.

Seize business opportunities and bounce back smoothly

Now is a difficult time for all of us. Everyone is affected by this pandemic – financially and mentally.

But you can rise above and sustain your business by maintaining a business-savvy mindset. Use the strategies in this article and add your determination to overcome this extraordinary period. Then resume a more steadfast business.