Vodien Weekly Recap: 5 News That You May Have Missed!

Vodien Weekly Recap

Here’s our Weekly Recap that rounds up the 5 latest updates you might have missed last week.


Technology News

A Single Text can Hack an Android Device

Do you know that someone can have complete control over your Android phone–secretly turn on camera, access apps and wipe out all user data with just a simple text? This security flaw was discovered recently and is likely to affect approximately 950 million Android phones or 95% Android users worldwide.  Even Apple is no stranger to this as iOS was also recently plagued by an annoying computer bug.

Back in April 2015, Zimperium already notified Google about this issue and provided a solution to fix it. However it has been over the 90-day grace period and the issue has yet to be resolved. The release of new updates could also be attributed to the slow distribution system, with phone carriers and other entities standing in the way to implement the patch as quickly as possible.



SEO News

How Google Treat New TLDs and Why HTTPS has an Edge Over Site Results

Due to a lot of misconceptions and rumors about how new Top Level Domains (gTLDs) like .guru are handled in Google search, the biggest search engine company released a statement to confirm that they treat new gTLDs like all the other gTLDs (.com, biz, etc) and keywords in TLDs don’t hold any special bearing on search rankings.

For those who are thinking if it makes any SEO sense whether to migrate their site to HTTPS or not, Gary Illyes from Google confirmed on Twitter that HTTPS will have an advantage other sites in search rankings. However, Illyes also said that they will prioritize other on-page and off-page signals before HTTPS sites.

With these things in mind, website owners can go after TLDs that suits their business well and might want to consider going for HTTPS has it surely give more benefits for their site, SEO-wise.



Company Branding News

Here are the Top 12 Most Viral Ad Videos of 2015

Ever wondered what viral ad videos that made it in 2015?  This year’s viral advertisements are all about dogs, TV trailers, top Superbowl commercials, musicals, and social experiments.

While there’s no denying that viral videos are every content marketers’ holy grail to make their brand stand out in today’s pop culture, unfortunately, no one can predict the next viral story. Even if there’s no assurance that your next ad will be a big viral hit, it does not mean you can’t push your brand at the right place and time like what these 12 ads have demonstrated.

The common denominator among all these viral videos is that they all appeal to the customers’ emotions—more on how brands make them feel and less about their company. So the next time you produce your next ad campaign, think of how your ad will resonate well with your customers to increase your chances of going viral.



Marketing News

Major Content Marketing Roles to Consider to Maximize your Business Presence

To grow a a brand’s presence online, the business owner must assemble a solid team that will steer the company’s content marketing presence in the right direction. These 7 roles should guide you on what each team member should specialize on to make your content marketing more effective.

But what about the small and medium companies who might not have enough resources and budget to fill in such roles? No worries. You can hire freelancers for each specific task. In that way, you can still work on a minimum budget without compromising your content marketing plans.


15 Content Creations Apps that Makes Every Content Marketing Job Easier

From brainstorming, to producing and finally promoting your content, there’s a lot going on to be able to provide a compelling content to engage your audience.

To help make it easier for you to follow through your content marketing strategies, here are the top 15 content marketing apps you might consider using. Here at Vodien, our content marketing team is using Feedly, a handy app that aggregates all the latest news and articles from different sources around the web which you can browse using your computer or smart device.


Vodien Blogs

wordpress sites                                                photo credit: Phil Oakley/Flickr

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