WordPress Auto-Update Bug in 4.9.3, Update to 4.9.4 Now!

Just less than a day, after the recent WordPress version 4.9.3 release, the WordPress team swiftly released a follow-up update, version 4.9.4, that fixes a bug with the WordPress background automatic update process.

TLDR: Update to version 4.9.4 to fix the background automatic update bug that is found in version 4.9.3

What was the bug found in WordPress 4.9.3?

For websites that support and have turned on automatic background updates for WordPress versions, version 4.9.3 is reported with a bug that causes an error when WordPress tries to update itself to the newer versions.

How do I fix this bug if I am on WordPress 4.9.3?

Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard, and follow the steps below:

1. At the Dashboard, you should see the following, click “Please update now”

2. Under “An updated version of WordPress is available.”, click “Update Now”

That’s it! Your WordPress version will be updated to 4.9.4


Why is WordPress Background Automatic Backup Important?

The WordPress automatic update feature was introduced in WordPress 3.7, ensuring that your website is protected against the potential security flaws and bugs found in older WordPress versions, without you having to initiate the sequence whenever there is a new update.

We advise all users to take the time to update to 4.9.4, so that your website can continue to get timely automatic updates from WordPress.

As always, always remember to do a backup copy of your website and database before you proceed with WordPress version updating. If you are updating from a very old WordPress version, some plugins may not work as they should on newer versions. If you require further assistance on the upgrade, feel free to reach out to us at support@vodien.com.