Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name


When setting up a website for your business, you will have to register a domain name. Domain name is the address (e.g. where people can find you on the internet. Since most consumers are now going online to help them with their buying decisions, it’s important to consider the impact of branding and search engine traffic when choosing a specific domain. Here are some helpful tips to help you with it.


Connect your brand to your domain

Branding is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a domain. Your brand online is how people identify you and makes you stand out so make sure that your domain connects with your brand. This is especially true when you’re working on an already well-recognized and established brands like Starbucks  and Gap, or if your name is your brand just like what Seth Godin did.


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Make it relevant

Anyone visiting your domain should instantly distinguish what type of business you’re on and the kind of contents inside. This is the reason why domains like Entrepreneur and Social Media Examiner have enjoyed massive traffic to their sites. Although this is the case,  domains like Mint and Monster will still work, but may require extensive branding resources due to their unconventional names.


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Choose .com extensions

As of March 2014, 75% of total domains registered have .com extensions which makes it the most recommended and widely used top-level domain of choice. However, if marketing locally would benefit your business more, it make sense to register to country-specific domains such as .sg for Singapore, .ca for Canada, or .uk if you’re in the United Kingdom territory.


Make it short and easy to remember

Shorter is definitely better. Short domain names is easier to remember and less prone to typos which can help boost your website’s branding. It can also allow more characters in the URL when someone typed it on a browser. Moz suggests having domain names with 15 characters or less.


It should be unique

Make sure that your domain name is not similar to an existing domain name, especially if the existing domain name is a popular brand. Qian Jin, an infamous serial cybersquatter from China, who lost the rights to his domains ( and among others) because they are easily mistakenly confused with the popular photo-sharing site, Pinterest. Results can be disastrous if traffic is directed to the wrong domain. Try searching in to know the availability of a certain domain name.


Never use Hyphens

If you’re thinking of registering hyphenated domains, don’t. Doing so can kill your credibility because they are mostly perceived as spam sites. This can also put your SEO ranking on a nose dive because people rarely remember placements of hyphens.


Take copyrights seriously

Infringing on someone’s copyright can potentially kill an otherwise good domain name so make sure that you do your homework and check with before purchasing a domain. 


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