How to Show Your Support to Clients as a Web Agency

How to Show Your Support To Clients as a Web Agency

Truth be told, no one is doing well right now. But by working hand in hand, we can overcome the crisis.

COVID-19 has forced a lot of your clients to temporarily cease operations, affecting their finances.  But by working hand in hand, we can overcome the crisis.

Take this time to strengthen their trust and loyalty. Set your products and services as their best help to salvage their business during this uncertain event. 

How to show your support to your web agency clients? We have listed 5 best ways for you to do that:

5 Ways to Support Your Clients During Crisis

1. Reach out to your clients

Reach out to your clientsLet your clients know that you value them. Contact them first. Call or send an email as a reminder that youbusiness is stilopen for their concerns. 

Also, make sure you communicate with empathy. Remember to follow these etiquettes: 

  • Listen attentivelyDon’t interrupt your client when he’s still in the middle of explaining his situation and how he feels about it. 
  • Clarify if things aren’t clearPeople experiencing stressful situations tend to talk loud and fast — which might get you lost in listening. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications. 
  • Make sure you understand their messageBehind the emotional explanations, it’s important to understand what your client is really trying to say. After, paraphrase what you understood to make sure you’re both in one page.

2. Help sustain their cash flow

Help sustain their cash flowCOVID-19 has affected businesses’ finances the most.  The whole business industry is struggling to get around the COVID-19 crisis and stay afloat especially startups. 

It’s time to strengthen client relationship. You can pause ongoing projects, if there’s any, and extend payment due dates. Or offer special promos and discounts. 

Doing so helps your clients focus more on urgent matters, such as protecting their business from the effects of COVID-19Besides, you can resume business once the curve is flattened.

3. Assist with clients’ transition online

Assist client's transition onlineWith COVID-19 forcing physical stores to close, empower clients to continue operations online. It won’t only allow them to stay-in-touch with their customers, but also keep their business afloat. 

To start, encourage them to build a dedicated website. For retailers, help them set up their online store. Meanwhile, you can introduce productisation to your service-based clients and market them online through their website. 

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4. Encourage boosting their online visibility

Encourage boosting their online visibilityAdvise clients to create and implement a digital marketing plan to maximise their online success. Explain how it lets them reach a wider market, boost brand awareness, and improve sales. 

You can assist in setting up and managing their social media and content marketing, and SEO. 

Gain clients’ confidence. Support their online strategies better with a secured online space for your business.


5. Help them set up a smart virtual office

Help them set up a smart virtual officeAs most of your clients may be struggling to bring their operations at homehelp them set up an efficient virtual office. 

Promote the use of efficient tools for their remote working setup, such as Microsoft Office 365 So, they can keep effective communication and a productive team. 

Remember to take it slow when offering pointers on different collaborative apps you knowBecause it might overwhelm them at first 

Survive this pandemic hand in hand

No one should face this crisis alone. Be the reliable support that your clients need to surpass this extraordinary time. And build on their trust and loyalty at the same time.

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