Start A Business With Reseller Web Hosting

Many people wonder how they can start a web hosting business, but hold back because of the costs involved with hardware purchases, staff costs, and facilities rental. With all these costs around a full-fledged web hosting business, there is no easier way than just starting with reseller web hosting. Wondering about the market demand? Well, if you think about it, every website needs web hosting, so like the old story of selling shovels to the gold diggers, you can do this too, and sell web hosting to the people creating web sites.

reseller web hosting

What You Need To Do

Sign up for reseller web hosting. The reason why it’s called reseller web hosting is because this form of web hosting gives you the ability to resell the hosting package, typically at a higher price than you bought it for.

Most web hosting customers do not mind that their web hosting is on a shared server, only that it works, and that there is a person that they can get technical and customer support from. Uptime is important because they don’t want to see their website being unavailable all the time, so choose a good web host which has a proven track record for good uptime.

In fact, if you are already offering services such as web design and/or web development, then you should think about using reseller web hosting to offer web hosting to your clients.

Marketing Your Web Hosting Services

A good way to market your web hosting services is to find a community of potential webmasters, and neophytes that need web hosting. These could be people interested in niches such as gaming, fashion, pets, photography, etc, who would want a website to showcase their interests. Get them interested in web hosting by explaining how it is beneficial it is to have their own website. Also, explain the first few steps they should take after purchasing their domain name.

Be generous with help and guidance, especially with people who are just getting into joining the community. People will remember you and will trust you because your advice has been shown to be helpful. Don’t spam, because nobody will trust a spammer, and it’ll only affect your reputation negatively.

The trick is to not continuously market yourself. Offer genuine advice and help so that you become an authoritative figure in your niche. Also, spread yourself out over the Internet and carry a wide presence in as many places as possible. Try different geographical locations – the beauty of the Internet is that you don’t have to confine yourself to only your home country!


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