September Wild Domain Name Sale

cheap domain name promo Start September with a bang! Reserve your .com / .net / .org domain name for yourself at a fantastic 40% discount when you reserve more than 5 years! You can either register a new domain, or renew (add more years) to an existing one:

5 years only SGD60! (U.P. SGD100! – 40% savings!)
6 years only SGD72! (U.P. SGD120! – 40% savings!)
7 years only SGD84! (U.P. SGD140! – 40% savings!)
8 years only SGD96! (U.P. SGD160! – 40% savings!)
9 years only SGD108! (U.P. SGD180! – 40% savings!)
10 years only SGD120! (U.P. SGD200! – 40% savings!)

* Valid till 28 Sep 2010
* Valid for .com / .net / .org domain names ONLY

New domains: Go to and use the promo code “wilddomains

Existing domains: Simply reply to this email with your domain name to request for this promo

Why get a domain name or add extra years to it? Here are some great reasons to do so:

  1. Domain prices are increased by the .com domain registry (something that is out of our hands) very often
  2. Protect your online branding, which is represented by your domain name
  3. Avoid service disruption due to late renewals
  4. Buy a name for yourself
  5. Buy a name for your children or future children
  6. Start your own personalised blog

These are just some of the many reasons why you should act fast, and register/renew your domain name with Vodien, so tell all your friends who need a domain name about it now too!


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