How to Select the Right CRM Solution



Today’s competitive global economy dictates that businesses need to adapt to sophisticated technology in order to manage their operations more efficiently. Utilizing the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution is one of the indispensable tools to effectively manage relationships with customers and automate business processes.

The CRM market has rapidly grown over the years which opens to an abundance of options that can fulfill your business’s specific needs. Here’s a roundup of the things you need to consider when selecting a CRM solution.


Determine your CRM goals

CRM can be a powerful tool, however you might lose sight of their full potential if you aimlessly dive in without understanding why you need to integrate a CRM system in the first place. Make sure that you fully understand what your essential requirements are and how CRM can best support them. Is it to help you organize work flow? Provide superb customer service? Increasing sales? Grow your customer base more profitably? Do you want to gain important insights into your customer management strategy? Being able to express these goals in a specific, measurable terms can help you align your focus for sustained success.


It should provide opportunities for scalability

CRM providers that are meant for small businesses may not perform well when the company’s utilization has increased. Just because it fits in well with your company today doesn’t mean it will be five years from now. To prevent the inconvenience of changing vendors, think of what your needs will be like in five years’ time and make sure that you’re partnering with a vendor who can offer resources that are scalable as your business grows.


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It must be customized to your needs

Each business is unique. A sales cycle in a publishing agency may differ from that of a real estate firm so it’s very important for your CRM to adapt and customize according to your business needs.


Choose a trusted vendor

To get the best out of your CRM platform, you need to go with a vendor with proven track record and stellar reputation in providing their solution. Ideally, it should be a vendor who have been in business for many years and have already built a wide customer base. Remember to request for references from their existing customers regarding their commitment to delivering quality CRM products and services.


Understand where data is located

Most CRM providers host their client’s data through a third-party hosting provider. Since your customers’ information is the lifeblood of your business, you need to know who hosts them and where. Always check if they have backups or some disaster recovery process for your data.


Options for mobility

If mobility is an important factor for your business, then consider integrating a mobile CRM solution that can fulfill your company’s needs no matter where they are. Your team should be able to easily access it from any mobile platform such as smartphones and tablet devices. Mobile CRM is commonly designed for sales and marketing users who may need remote access to their company’s main CRM system. Depending on your vendor, the mobile CRM can even incorporate the same services and functionality as the desktop version.


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Invest on Training

A cornerstone to the overall success in CRM initiative is training. It goes without saying that establishing new complicated system should come with a thorough training for the users. The training should not just focus on the technical aspects of the system but should give your staff a grander vision of how the CRM system can enhance their work flow and the entire business operations. In this way, they learn to adopt the system effectively, which allows them to implement their tasks faster.



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