Safe Internet Browsers for Kids

Child-friendly Browsers

Life has never been the same since the emergence of the Internet. Anyone who has ever tried searching in Google might see themselves unknowingly browse photos, videos or sites that are inappropriate especially for children.

While the Internet has made sharing of information much faster and easier, it can also be any parent’s nightmare because it is also notorious for cyber bullying, viruses and identity theft. Good thing, there are many child-friendly web browsers that parents and guardians can use to ensure that their kid’s safety and privacy online are maintained without restricting the fun. Here are five safe and secure internet browsers that can make the Internet a much safer place for children.

Zoodles is a free application that can be downloaded (available for Mac and Windows PC). It will ask some basic questions about your child to customize contents for each child’s profile and load programs through the Zoodles desktop icon. Once this app is launched, it will take you to your child’s “toybox” which is a button that links to kid-friendly sites and games.

Their premium membership allows parents and guardians to set control over their kid’s online activities through parental dashboard. You can check out reports on the games they have played, sites most visited and other recent activities. It will also provide learning tools for subjects like math, science and literacy.


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KidZui is one of the most recommended browsers that offers an access to a wealth of kid-friendly sites such as Discovery Channel and Disney. It automatically blocks unacceptable contents.

What’s great about this is that, once the Kidzui browser is launched, it expands and fills the entire computer screen and locks the user to its browser which means that kids can’t go out and surf on other websites. It also features Zuitube, which is essentially a child-friendly version of YouTube where the user can access different videos suitable for kids.


Zac Browser

According to their website, Zach Browser was specifically created for children with autism. It was developed by a grandfather to his grandson named Zachary who is an autistic child. Zac is free to download and runs on Mac and PC and will be available on iPad and Android soon.

This browser removes the right mouse button to help simplify and make it easier for children with limited motor skills. Although this browser was initially intended for kids with autism, parents may also find the closely-monitored environment appropriate for any children.


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Kidoz is a web browser preloaded with thousands of educational websites, videos and fun online games suitable for children. It recently got its KidSAFE Seal which means it has met KidSAFE’s safety and privacy standards for websites, products, mobile apps, devices and technologies targeted for children. It features advanced parental controls where parents can adjust settings and security level, moderate child’s screen time, add, manage and block apps.


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Buddy Browser

Buddy Browser provides a safe, educational and fun browsing experience for kids of all ages. Its features include Easy Safe Search options, Buddy Web Filter, Safe & Fun Instant Messenger, Buddy Learning Channels, Favorites, parent-approved Safe Social Network option and thousands of child-appropriate games and videos.

No amount of web filters and browsers can 100% thwart all bad contents from reaching children but using these browsers is great start. At the end of the day, nothing can replace good parenting and it’s best for parents or guardians to always educate kids on how to be responsible in using the Internet and encourage them to report if they see anything questionable.

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