Reasons to Change Your Web Hosting Provider Immediately

With the numerous web hosting service providers available on the Internet, you may have a hard time choosing just one. Web hosts are critical in running a website, and of course, you only want the best for your website. However, it is necessary to do some research on these web hosting companies before engaging them. One bad experience is enough to cripple your website.

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If your web host provider is not delivering on their promises, you shouldn’t wait too long to change web hosts or get a refund. The longer you wait, the longer your website will be affected, thus, losing visitors in the process. Here are some examples of bad services that you need to act on quickly.

Server Downtime

This is a major problem that you don’t want to experience. Server downtime is a killer for all websites especially if you have an online business that heavily relies on the consistency of the service running it. Most website hosting providers will always guarantee you server up-time, but you should make sure that what they are offering is at least 99% of server up-time. If your server downtime extends beyond this time, contact your web host provider and ask for a refund especially if the problem persists. If the web host refuses to acknowledge your requests, then it’s time to switch providers.

Poor Customer Support

A good website hosting provider should offer reliable customer support that would be able to address all customer issues and queries. If the user is having problems with the website, the customer support should instantly provide a solution and immediate assistance. Any downtime and errors will cost money and customers. Furthermore, if you encounter rude and unhelpful technical support agents, you should consider changing your provider. You are paying for their services and they should be available to you anytime.

Additional Unknown Fees

If you start noticing that your monthly bills include additional charges that you were not made aware of, contact your website host provider immediately. If they keep adding these fees to your bills, you may want to deactivate your account with them. Companies should be transparent and ensure their customers are clear about what they are being charged for. So if you start receiving inflated bills, then the company is not being honest with you. Also, when purchasing a hosting plan, make sure you check all the terms and agreements and ask questions regarding your billing statement to avoid any problems with your future payments.

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