What You Need to Be the First to Conquer Pokemon Go in Singapore!

Pokemon Go Singapore

Pokemon Go is the latest mobile craze that has taken the world on its feet—literally. If you have been out of the loop on what Pokemon Go is, you’re in luck because we are creating this guide to educate interested Pokemon Trainers on how to play and enjoy this game like everyone else.

It’s perfectly fine if you clicked on this link not knowing or having seen any Pokemon series before because you don’t need to be an avid fan to enjoy it.

While the game per se, is about finding Pokemon characters nearby, initiating battles, hatching eggs and a great amount of walking, the real thrill here is having fun exploring places you wouldn’t have imagined going to and meeting equally excited Pokemon fans along the way.

Before we could go ahead and play Pokemon Go, you may want to know what it is about, how it works and what to expect from the game. So let’s not waste anymore time and begin our Pokemon Go journey!

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile gaming app for Android and iPhone mobile users developed by The Pokemon Company and Niantic. It lets players play virtually while exploring their actual surroundings.

It’s free to download on Google Play and the App Store. It’s currently available in more than 30 countries and with more countries on the waiting list. Make sure to check out the latest update to see if it’s already being rolled out in your country.


What You Need

You need these things to play Pokemon Go:

  • Smartphone
  • Pokemon Go app (download it from Google Play or App Store)
  • Comfortable footwear and clothes
  • Preferably a portable battery pack


How to Sign Up

Signing up for the game is fairly simple. All you need to do is just download the application and install it. Upon running the application on the first go, you will be prompted to either use your existing Google account or sign up for a unique Pokemon Trainer Club account.


Customising your Avatar

Choose how you would want your Pokemon trainer to look like. Once signed up, you can customize your personal avatar to set yourself from others.

You can change the eye color, skin color, gender, hair color, shirt, pants, hat, shoes and even the backpack. But just a warning though. As soon as you’ve saved your new avatar, you won’t be able to change your preference. So choose wisely.


Starting your Pokemon Go Journey

After your avatar is customised, three Pokemon starter options will pop out on your screen. These includes Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. After catching one, the rest will disappear.

HINT: However, if you move away from these three guys three or four times, you get a fourth option, Pikachu. Who doesn’t want the Pokemon mascot as their first Pokemon! You can also name your Pokemon by going into the Pokemon section on the main menu and edit their names.

Once done, you will then proceed to the Pokemon Go map (an animated version of Google Map). In this map, you’ll find local landmarks known as Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops, unmarked roads and rustling grass (this means there’s a Pokemon nearby).

A vibration on your smartphone will tell you that a Pokemon has appeared on the map as you move along in the real world, and if you tap it, you can try to catch it.


How to Capture a Pokemon

To catch one, you need to find them first. Walk around your physical location–try going to your local park or other recreational areas. Some Pokemons may appear in certain environments like lakes and other bodies of water. You can also try luring them to you by using an item called Incense.

On the lower right hand corner of the map, it will show you the nearest Pokemon. Follow the direction of the rustling grass, and if you’re already close enough, a Pokemon will soon pop out on the map. Clicking on it will start the Pokemon catching process.

Like a real pokemon trainer, simply swipe a Poke Ball in the direction of the Pokemon and it will launch the Poke Ball in the direction. Make sure to aim your swipe so that your Poke Ball doesn’t go to waste!

When using a Poke Ball, you’ll find a colored diminishing circle around the Pokemon as you try and aim your shot. It will vary in size on every capture attempt.

The smaller the circle as you hit, the better the chances of catching the Pokemon. The colour of the ring is an indication of a Pokemon’s rarity too: green for common, orange-yellow for uncommon, and red for rare.

There are some tricks to increase your catch rate. You can use items called Razz Berries to increase the friendliness of a Pokemon and stop the jittery ones from fleeing so easily. Also, if you spin the Poke ball whilst catching a Pokemon, it creates a curve ball–increasing the amount of experience you earn.



PokeStops in the game are places of interest or popular spots in your actual community. They appear as blue markers on the map in the game and will turn into Poke Balls as you get closer.

How do you find these PokeStops? Well, you have to explore your town or city physically, be it on foot or in the forms of vehicle transport.

They can be in the form of buildings, statues, landmarks, etc. These PokeStops contain items that you have to obtain in order to advance in the game. The items can be anything, ranging from Pokeballs to Potions.


Pokemon Gyms

As you reach level five in the game, you are now able to challenge gym leaders. Pokemon Gyms are battle arenas of the Pokemon World and they appear as bigger markers in the game.

As you enter a gym for the first time, you’ll be asked to join a team of your choice. There are three to choose from, Team Instinct which is yellow, Team Mystic which is blue and Team Valor which is red.

Point of Pokemon Gyms is to fight other players’ Pokemon, take over the space for your team and then defend it against attack.

Holding a gym allows you claim Pokecoins–the game’s premium currency, once every 20 hours. You’ll earn 10 coins for each Pokemon guarding a gym whenever you claim a gy.


Safety Issues

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game and has become the most popular mobile game in the history of mobile gaming in the U.S, according to data from Surveymonkey. However, the game brings about some potential risks that people should take note of.

On top of the list is safety, as many cases of injuries reported have been flooding in. Exploring your surroundings may not be as safe as it may seem.

Players have reported slipping and falling down, even walking into lamp posts and other obstacles as they were too engrossed in their phones and not paying attention to their surroundings.

In addition, there have been reports on car crashes due to the game as drivers are playing the game whilst driving their car.

So remember players, please be aware of your surroundings when playing the game and make sure not to play and drive at the same time! Even if nothing serious happens when you play and drive, there will be proactive Traffic Police out there to catch you!


Singapore PokeStops

Now that the Pokemon Go release is imminent, we did a little brainstorming and came up with a few predictions of the location of Poke Stops in Singapore and what type of Pokemons you can catch at certain places.

Since PokeStops are places of interest, we are pretty sure that popular landmarks in Singapore like The Merlion, The Changi International Airport will be the few of many. But what about relatively less popular landmarks in Singapore?

Places that even some Singaporeans are not aware of but are actually places of interest in Singapore? Fret not, this is why we are here, to impart our two cents on the potential PokeStops that you might miss and the possible Pokemon that linger at the respective locations.


Kusu Island

Located about 40 minutes away from Singapore, it is one of the 63 islands that belong to Singapore. The island has a legend surrounding it, stating that the island came about because two sailors were saved from a vicious storm by a giant magical tortoise which transformed itself into the Kusu Island that we currently have.

The island has a turtle sanctuary and we reckon that Pokemons like Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise can be caught here, fitting in line with the tortoise legend backstory.

Kusu Island - Pokemon Go Singapore


Whampoa Dragon Fountain

Located at the front of Block 85 Whampoa Drive, a 4-metre tall dragon fountain stands with majesty. It was erected in late 1972 and has been a landmark in that area ever since.

Back then, the majestic dragon sprayed streams of water, but it has since stopped operating due to the cut in water supply. We reckon that dragon-type Pokemon like Dragonair and Dragonite could be captured here.

Whampoa Dragon Fountain - Pokemon Go Singapore
Image Credit: Matt Madd/Flickr


Gardens by the Bay

This has to be the most popular landmark on the list. Located next to Marina Reservoir, Gardens by the bay spans a total of 101 hectares and offers picturesque waterfront views.

They house flora and fauna from all over the world and even includes a man-made waterfall. Flower Pokemons like Gloom and Vileplume could have possible sightings here.

Gardens by the Bay - Pokemon Go Singapore
Image Credit: Budiman Salleh/Flickr


Haw Par Villa

Located on a hill in Pasir Panjang, this wonderful theme park is famous for its depictions of Chinese folklore’s 10 Courts of Hell. Built in 1937, the theme park displays gruesome and weird portrayals of Chinese myths.

Here, we figure that ghost or psychic Pokemon could be found here. So Pokemon like Drowzee or Gengar could be chilling in the realms of hell!

Haw Par Villa - Pokemon Go Singapore
Image Credit: William Cho/ Flickr


Punggol Gallop Stable

Everyone has heard of Turf City and its association with horses and their stables, but a relatively new and less known stable has entered the market in Punggol.

The setting for this stable is quaint and pretty and you wouldn’t feel like you’re in Singapore when you’re there. They also offer lodging services in caravan-shaped chalets known as Gallop Wagons.

These chalets have a European feel to them and definitely worth a visit. Pokemon like Ponyta and Rapidash, being horse-type, could potentially be found here. Check out the place first on their Facebook Page.

Horse Stable - Pokemon Go Singapore
Image Credit: Jen Dubin/ Flickr


So what are you waiting for?  Start catching them all, responsibly!