Vodien Web Hosting Plan Now Features PHP 7

We have good news for all our Vodien web hosting customers. As part of our goal to provide everyone with a superb web hosting experience, we’re happy to inform that our services now supports PHP 7. So you might ask, what is PHP 7 and should you even care? Well, today’s article will answer these questions and more.

If you’re a website owner or web developer of a PHP-powered CMS site like WordPress, you might want to read and bookmark this article to better understand all the great features that come with the release of PHP 7.

Everything New about PHP 7


PHP is a widely-used open source programming language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It is a recursive acronym to Hypertext Preprocessor. It is so popular that almost 83% of websites today use PHP.

Throughout the years, significant improvements were done to PHP. This enhances the performance of websites that run on this language. In fact, PHP 7 is touted to be twice as fast as PHP 5.6 or even faster.

The developers behind this project worked on the PHP codebase to boost speed and reduce memory consumption.

Manage Error Handling

It’s now easy to manage fatal and recoverable fatal errors. With the new Engine Exceptions, you can now exchange these types of errors with exceptions. When an exception is not caught, PHP will come back with the same fatal errors as in the 5.X versions.

New \EngineException objects will not extend the \Exception Base Class. This makes sure that backwards compatibility and results from two distinct exceptions in error handling such as traditional and error exceptions.

To help programmers catch these exceptions, PHP 7 features the latest shared Parent Class under the name of \BaseException.

Accurate Return Type Declarations

Return types is a typical feature found in most programming languages. PHP 7 allows programmers to indicate the type of variable a function should return. the return type is pointed out after the closing parenthesis in the argument list. The example below shows how the foo() function is supposed to return an array.
function foo(): array {

return [];


In PHP 5.6, a return type is not indicated which could mean that anyone reading code with the “foo” function might not know the intended output. This proves to be useful when debugging your code or codes written by someone else.

Spaceship Operator

Another noteworthy improvement in PHP 7 is the spaceship operator, also known as Combined Comparison Operator. This function is used to efficiently compare two expressions. This is how the spaceship operator works:


What it means:

If b is less than c, then the return is -1.

If b equals c, then the return is 0.

If b is greater than c, then the return is 1.

When used to compare variables, the spaceship operator needs less typing than coding multiple tests with the traditional operators like < (less than), = (equal to), and > (greater than).

Vodien is PHP 7 Ready

Here at Vodien, we make sure that we’re ready to innovate and make your web hosting experience as seamless as possible. All our enterprise-grade web hosting services now support PHP 7.

For more information about how PHP 7 can enhance your servers, go ahead and CLICK the link below. Our 24/7 SuperSupport team will be ready to answer all your questions.