[INFOGRAPHIC] Perfect Your Email Etiquette to Boost Your Brand’s Image

Email Etiquette

Before you hit the send button for your outgoing email, do you ever check through what you have written to see if you have made any simple grammatical or spelling mistakes? Or do you review the flow of your email and ensure that your intention can be understood? With these quick checks, you may just save yourself from a great deal of embarrassment!

Emails do provide us with a complete control over our emotional responses, such as maintaining your cool when you are replying to an unreasonable customer. However, when emails are not properly constructed, it may result in an unintentional presentation of your real feelings, which may even amplify the graveness of the matter. Be it the tone of your email, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, improper subject titles or others, these factors will affect the professionalism of your company.

For either business or personal use, you may refer to these email etiquette tips for an all-in-one approach to tackle emails; be it sending, replying, forwarding or following up to emails on various platforms. The best email etiquette differs by gender, age and education as well. Not surprisingly, a survey showed that 88 percent of people have actually reviewed and rewritten their emails to sound intelligent. Do make it a habit to look through your emails before sending them, what you think and what you have written may not match on the first draft.

Get your emails done right! Refer to the below infographic done by the guys at Sqrl for a quick idea on what you should take note the next time you are crafting your emails. Share it with your colleagues if you find it useful!