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In today’s world that relies on technology for many of our day-to-day activities, what would happen if we were unable to use those devices? Suddenly if you did not have the ability to transfer funds from your financial institution, or the ability to communicate electronically or even the ability to view information from the Internet, your everyday life would change. This is how important technology and online access is in our lives. This is also why we need to be aware of potential dangers and problems that could exist while online.

In the past decade one of the fastest growing criminal activities that people are facing is that of online or computer fraud. Computer fraud is a wide ranging area in crime that includes tricking people into going to spoofed sites for fraudulent activity, the activities of fraud emails, sending of spam and many more. These activities have cost consumers billions of dollars in losses every year. To combat these criminal activities it is imperative that consumers be educated about the possible dangers.

To assist consumers be aware of these possible dangers while online, we have provided a number of helpful links. The following information on online security, viruses, fraud, ergonomics and more are all important topics for all people that access the Internet. Please feel free to review this information and share with others that can use assistance. And, visit this page as often as needed.

Online Security

  • Internet Security Tips – Information and advice on the importance of safety while on the Internet.
  • Cyber Tips – Informative page from the National Homeland Security agency which gives tips on online safety.
  • Safe Computing Tips – In this article from MIT you will find several tips on safe computing.
  • Guide to Internet Security – Helpful article from Consumer Reports that offers help on being secure online.
  • Cyber Security Tips – This government page provides a look at tips on being a secure online user.

Computer Viruses

Computer Fraud

Fraud Prevention Advice

  • Internet Fraud and Prevention – This informative article from the Federal Bureau of Investigation looks at online fraud and how to prevent being a victim.
  • Avoiding Identity Theft and Fraud – Online resources from the Federal Trade Commission that looks at avoiding online fraud.
  • Fraud Awareness – A useful page that looks at fraud and how to prevent being a victim.
  • Avoiding Scams – In this web page you will learn about techniques to use to avoid online scams.
  • Internet Fraud Prevention Tips – Helpful page for consumers that lists a number of tips and advice to avoid being an Internet fraud victim.



  • Cyberbullying Information – Informative page that discusses the problem of cyberbullying and how to stop it form occurring.
  • Cyberbullying Tips – Helpful page for kids that looks at the problems of cyberbullying.
  • Dealing with Cyberbullying – A useful page for children and parents that provides help with dealing with online bullying.
  • Laws on Cyberbullying – This page offers a look at various laws related to cyberbullying and cyberstalking.


  • CAN-SPAM Act – Informative page which reviews the legislation of email and what happens when it is abused.
  • Spam Information – This page from the Federal Communication Commission looks at the problems of spam emails.
  • Spam – Article which looks at the increasing problem of spam and what consumers can do to be rid of the problem.
  • What is Spam? – Basic definition of spam and the problems that arise from receiving spam messages.


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