Protect your Brand with Multiple Domains

For business owners looking to take their online brand to the next level, knowing how to build and protect their web presence will have a huge impact on their long-term success and longevity in the industry.

One of the best ways to increase visibility online is to choose multiple domain names that not only seals your brand, it provides promising marketing opportunities for your business.

In today’s post, we will explain why it’s a must to protect your brand and measures you can use to leverage your online presence through multiple domain names.

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4 Things Multiple Domain Names Can Do for Your Online Brand


  1. It protects your business brand.

Just like protecting a brick-and-mortar store’s branding, it’s also important to protect your online presence by securing its domain name. To do this, one great option is to register multiple domains.

So, say you own a tea shop called Dad’s Tea Shop. If you already own the domain, you may want to consider registering different variations to your second-level domain such as dadteashop or popteashop. In addition, you can use the original domain name but, with different domain extensions like .biz and .net.

Keep in mind that your business name is important to your brand. So, picking up a relevant domain name and its common variations will help keep your online reputation in check.

Having more than one domain for your business will lessen the chances of your competitors from registering the same domain name as yours.

Here’s why it makes sense to purchase multiple domains to protect your brand:

  • Some people profit a lot by misleading visitors to their website by purchasing popular brand’s domain names. This is called cybersquatting and cybersquatters can be notoriously cunning by offering to sell the domain name to the original trademark owners at exaggerated prices. A sad example of this is actor Kevin Spacey who failed to acquire control of his domain name from a cybersquatter but later won back his domain name through the National Arbitration Forum.
  • People may also buy similar domains because they share the same brand or business name. A business owner from Canada may have the same business name as another one from the US. This is when domain names with multiple variations and extensions will help ensure that potential traffic will point at your site and not to someone else.
  • Sometimes people misspell domain names when searching online. Think of how costly it can be when you’re losing visitors because they were directed to the wrongly spelt domain name and not yours.


  1. Features your business’s other areas of strength.

If the domain that you own is the same as your business name, having multiple domains can put a spotlight on other areas of your business to expand your customer base.

Going back to the Dad’s Tea Shop example, if you want to reach your audience beyond traditional tea drinkers, you can market descriptive domain names that contain relevant keywords like tea supplies, tea accessories, tea brewing tips, tea gifts, etc.

Adding a specific location to make the domain name a little more descriptive, such as and make sure to point it to your main website. You can also use the same descriptive domain name to create a separate landing page with links to your website.


  1. Promotes your Brand in Specific Industries

There are new geographic, as well as industry-specific domain name extensions that have been rolled out each year. Even if you already own a domain, you can further expand your brand’s visibility through these industry-specific domains.

Do you own an automobile business? You might want to consider using a .auto domain name to brand your business. Here’s a complete list of all TLDs.


  1. It can help promote digital marketing campaigns.

When brainstorming for new online marketing campaigns, there’s much you can do with domain names. You can either use a generic domain name to drive organic traffic through direct navigation or perhaps a separate domain name is needed to to capture and monitor specific audience for it to be successful.

But for specific marketing campaigns that may not mirror the company’s entire target audience, it might help to create a separate website with its own domain. This site can provide entrepreneurs and marketers with the analytics on their audience derived specifically from such campaign.

A good example is Burger King’s The Subservient Chicken ad campaign. The quirky storytelling following the life of a subservient chicken creates highlights to their Chicken Big King Sandwich product which further creates engagement with their brand.


How to Use Multiple Domains to Secure Your Brand

You don’t need to connect different websites to a certain domain. You can simply forward additional domain names to an existing website. You can choose any of the following methods that will work best for your brand:

  • Register relevant keywords as your generic domain name.
  • Purchase similar domain names (including spelling variations) or the same domain name but with different TLDs.
  • Choose to brand locally by opting for specific CCTLDs (.sg, .us, .au) or going for industry-specific gTLDs (.art, .sports, .jewelry)

To forward these domains to your website, you have to use 301 Redirect. It is a method that informs search engines to permanently redirect your new domain name to your website. To learn more about this, you can visit our Knowledge Base page on How to Redirect Domain via cPanel.


Seize Every Branding Opportunity

Smart business owners understand that in order to thrive and grow their business, they have to seize the opportunity they can find in extending their web presence.

Being online means that you’re not only committed to driving up revenues but to protect your indispensable asset–your domain name–to successfully grow your brand.

Registering multiple domains is a cost-effective solution to amplify and protect your brand. Here at Vodien, we offer the best and popular Top Level Domains.

First, you can use our Domain Checker Tool to find potential domain names, if not, you can contact our SuperSupport specialists to help you further. CLICK on the link below to get started.