Make Your Own Music On The Web!

Make Your Own Music On The Web!

Even if you don’t know anything about music, you can still enjoy the sounds of musical notes. You don’t need to have fancy instruments to make music, either. Explore the many different tools and instruments available online.

These musical games and tools let you make music online without even downloading anything on your computer. Practice, play, and even record your creation and play it back later!

Music: Learning Games and Tools

While making a beautiful noise is certainly something you can do with online musical instruments, you can also learn more about it while you play.

Many tools will help you learn the names of the notes and about the tones and sounds of different instruments. After you learn about notes, you might choose a background track to play along with on the computer.

After you practice, try recording your original song so you can listen to it again and again. Making these recordings is so simple that you don’t even need a website to dabble in in it.

Finding Your Style

Many people have a particular musical style or type that they especially like. If you’re not sure what kind of music you like, you can explore different types with some online instruments and games. Many instruments have prerecorded tracks that you can choose.

Once you know what you like, try making up your own tunes to go along with the background tracks.

  • Button Bass: Button Bass lets you choose your instrument for playing songs or making up your own creation.
  • Tony B Machine: The Tony B Machine lets you make music in various keys with different beats.
  • Virtual Keyboard: Try out this virtual keyboard to have fun with piano keys. You can even add drum beats to your songs.
  • Virtual Drumming: Press different keys on your keyboard to play this drum set.
  • Music Shake: Choose your instrument by clicking it, and then you can experiment with different tracks to hear songs.
  • Incredibox Music: Click the type of music you want, and then click beats, effects, melodies, and voices to add different sounds to your track.
  • Metronome Online: This online metronome will help you explore tempo. Click the start button, and then set the speed to hear the metronome click at different tempos.
  • Audiotool: Audiotool gives you many creative options for making music, including tracks, drums, and special effects.
  • Online Pianist: You can use your keyboard to play piano with the Online Pianist, even if you don’t have a real piano.
  • Music Mixer: Make your own band with its own unique name with Music Mixer. You can even record the songs you play with your band.
  • Online Sequencer: Explore all of the musical sounds available in this sequencer. Add sounds to a song by simply clicking your mouse on the field of the tool.
  • Playing With Music: Listen to the classics on your computer. By clicking keys on your keyboard, you can play along.
  • The Sound Factory: Visit the Sound Factory to experiment with various objects that make different sounds.
  • Glitchscape Music Maker: Click on the grid to make rectangles of different sizes. Each rectangle you make will create a different sound.
  • Isle of Tune: Isle of Tune lets you build streets that will make music using roadside objects and cars.
  • Audio Sauna: Adjust this online synthesizer for different sounds and tracks, and then play the keys on the keyboard.
  • Music Memory: Music Memory plays notes that you will need to play back in the same sequence.
  • Hip, Hop, and Bop Concert Maker: Orchestrate the concert by this band by choosing the venue, selecting their costumes, and playing the song you want to hear.
  • String Thing: Make different songs by choosing a sound and dragging the string onto the board.
  • Music Maker: Press your keyboard keys to create sounds and songs with your computer. As you listen to the sounds, you will see colorful images on your computer monitor.
  • Beats Per Minute Tool: If you’re curious about tempos, this tool will help you see the beats per minute.
  • Online Mixer: This fun synthesizer lets you choose different sounds with the click of your mouse. You can then adjust the sounds to make them different.
  • Circle of Fifths: Use the Circle of Fifths to learn about key signatures. Click your mouse on this tool to see the different key signatures.
  • Web Synths: This easy-to-use synthesizer will get you started with musical sounds right away.
  • Guitarist Reference: Anyone learning to play the guitar can use this interactive reference tool to learn or check chords.