Keep Your Restaurant Running Amid Circuit Breaker Restrictions

How to Keep Your F&B Business Running Amid Circuit Breaker Restrictions

Businesses in the F&B industry are some of Singapore’s most affected sectors due to COVID-19. The extended circuit breaker, along with stricter rules, is also making restaurants and coffee shops more anxious. 

Some are forced to temporarily shut down. Some are allowed to resume but have to implement safety measures. Either way, both affect business operations and cash flow.  

But that doesn’t mean the end of your food business. Rise above this crisis and spring back smoothly with these helpful tips:

5 Tips to Keep Your F&B Business Thriving Amid COVID-19

1. Follow updated safety measures

Stay updated with the latest safety protocols from the government, specifically for the F&B industry. Make sure to follow them to avoid risking your business and the safety of your employees and customers. 

These protocols usually involve minimising person-to-person contact. This may restrict dine-in operations, but you may still resume with takeaway and delivery.  

Learn more on what works for your business here.

2. Transition to contactless delivery model

Transition to contactless delivery modelImplement online payment methods for your business. Then set up contactless delivery where you just leave your customers’ orders at their doorstep. 

You may collaborate with local food delivery services, but their hefty delivery fees may only cost you more. This makes it a less favourable option, considering the fall on your revenue. 

Save more by building your dedicated online store where you can directly handle orders. Then register a niche-specific domain, like, to better promote your food business online.

Domain registration

3. Get involvewith community support initiatives

Get involved with community support initiativesLots of people are doing COVID-19 relief efforts to support the community, especially frontliners. 

Take part in them. Collaboratwith public and private groups by supplying healthy and delicious meals. Not only is this a way to promote your business, but also a way to give back and appreciate frontliner efforts. 

You can connect with organisations, like

4. Consider customising orders

Consider customising ordersAs restaurants and coffee shops temporarily shut down, many in Singapore’s food-loving community are longing for their favourites. 

Why not cater to these cravings? 

As you bring your business online, add an extra service by customising your customers’ orders. It’s time to explore opportunities and expand your menu.

5. Take advantage of relief programs

Take advantage of any support schemesThere are several private and government COVID-19 initiatives which support businesses to get through this pandemic. Make use of them to efficiently bring your food business online. 

Afor Singapore’s business sector, the government has several COVID-19 grants available. 

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Some private entities are doing relief supports as wellTiger Beer’s fundraising campaign, for one, aims to uplift Singapore’s F&B community. 

Keep your F&B business going 

COVID-19 may put a lot of strain on your food business. But it only takes determinationkeeping your business mindset, and getting extra help to get around it. 

Take time to assess the overall standing of your business. Get your entrepreneurial spirit working to create business opportunitiesWith that, you can better adapt your business for the new normal and continue thriving.