Innovative Viral Marketing Techniques (Facebook Easter Egg)

Getting traffic to your website is probably the hardest part of online marketing, and finding new and innovative methods to generate buzz that gets more visitors to your website is something that companies always do.

Facebook has recently put in an Easter egg into their website that’s also an acknowledgement of probably the most famous cheat code in old-school video games. For those not in the know, this Easter egg may appear like a string of random characters, but the exact same string has been used in countless games. Once you enter this string of characters, you’ll see a lens flare on your Facebook page that appears whenever you click on something, or scroll up and down.

It’s a pretty novel concept that creates a bit of buzz and gets Facebook some traffic and exposure. I.e. more people are attracted to check out Facebook to try out the Easter egg for themselves. In addition, people are also more inclined to tell their friends about this cool trick.


Give it a try! The characters that you need to press are:

up up down down left right left right b a (and then hit enter)

Once you do that, you should see the Easter egg appear on Facebook.