How To Upload Files To Your Website via FTP

If you have a website then you’ll probably need FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and allows you to upload/download files to/from a remote server. It’s the standard way of transferring files over the Internet, and it’s what we enable on our web servers so that you can upload your website files to your account.

To FTP, you can either use the in-built FTP programs in Windows, Mac OS X or GNU/Linux, but it might be clunky. There are some pretty good FTP clients around, that are offered for free.

Here are three of my top recommendations, and covers Mac OS X, Windows, and GNU/Linux.

WinSCP (Windows)
FileZilla (Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux)
CyberDuck (Mac OS X)

All our web hosting plans come with FTP in-built, and feature the capability to create addition FTP accounts. This is useful so that you can give FTP accounts to your friends, family, web designer, or web developer, and restrict them to a certain directory so that they won’t see or mess with your main website files.


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