How to Make Good Money from Blogging

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Is it possible to make money from blogging? If you have decent writing abilities and a passion for your chosen niche, then the answer is—yes. Blogging can be an alternative source of income for you.

Starting and monetizing your own blog, however, is similar to having your own business offline. It takes lots of time and hard work. In fact, the prospects of monetization won’t even come into play until you have successfully completed the basics. You will first need to choose a solid web hosting provider and blogging platform, update it with fresh content, and promote it regularly.
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Once you have everything in place, it’s time to prepare yourself for monetization. In today’s post, I’m going to show you the most popular ways to earn income from your blog.

Display Advertising

Display advertisements are images or graphics commonly displayed on your header, sidebar, or within the content and footer. They are also called “banner ads.”

They are typically advertised via ad networks. Ad networks serve as middlemen that pair up publishers (bloggers) and advertisers and help arrange partnership deals for both parties. Of course, they will get a cut for every profit earned from this partnership.

Good examples of ad networks to start monetizing your blog with are: Google Adsense, Kontera, Chitika,, and Infolinks.

Regardless of the ad network you have chosen, the key to profitable monetization using this method depends on how well your blog traffic, reader engagement, value, and the practical use of advertising space is integrated.

Private Advertisements

Private ads are just like display ads. The only difference is that there are no ad networks involved as middlemen. Partnerships are directly negotiated between the company and the blogger.

If you are unsure as to how much to charge for private ads, research other blogs within your niche who are using private ads. This information is generally available on their advertisement page.

Affiliate Program

Many companies and online stores are offering affiliate programs to publishers or website owners and pay them commissions for sales generated through their website. An affiliate program pays a fee or certain percentage from the total sale price.

As a best practice, always add a clear disclaimer on your blog page to remind readers that you are using affiliate links every now and then. You’ll be surprised that most people are fine with it and might even support you.

Here at Vodien, we have our own Web Hosting Affiliate Program to help our customers earn recurring commissions each time they refer their friends to our web hosting services.

There’s no doubt that advertisers are getting more creative in promoting their products and services. An alternative way to promote their brand is through sponsored posts and reviews.

Sponsored posts are articles written by advertisers who pay the blogger to have it published on their blogs while sponsored reviews are reviews written by the blogger regarding the product or service being advertised for a fee.

Once your blog increases its traffic, many advertisers might approach you and strike a deal for sponsored posts or reviews. Make sure to do some tests with your audience to see if they are comfortable seeing paid posts on their blog feeds. A disclaimer should also be included for every paid post. Otherwise, your readers might think you wrote the article without getting any form of compensation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing will always be a popular marketing tool for digital marketers and there’s no sign of it dying anytime soon. Some bloggers have even proven successful with it. So don’t wait until your blog is getting some traction. The earlier you can start with list building, the better.
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Services and Consultations

You can also market your services through your blog. Jeff Bullas, a well-known influencer in the social media circle, not only provides free tips and useful information but also offers consultation services about social media marketing. He earns by speaking at conferences and mentoring individuals and companies.

You may not know it yet, but there are followers who won’t hesitate to pay you to share your expertise and knowledge with them. This also helps you to boost your credibility as an authority in your niche while supplementing your income.

Your Own Products

Eventually, bloggers will get that level of recognition and loyalty from their audience. When that time comes, you can launch your own products and sell them to your readers.

You can create and sell digital goods like audio recordings, videos, images, graphics, photos, web designs, eBooks, plugins, apps, themes, webinars, online workshops, online courses, or premium membership sites. If you have excellent articles or posts, many blogs have successfully sold their premium content where readers pay before they can access them.

Physical products like clothes, accessories, and handmade merchandise can also be sold if it is closely relevant to the blog’s niche. To know what popular products to sell to your reader, research around your niche and check out what products are selling well.

Classified Ads and Job Listings

If you have a great amount of traffic, you can leverage that by setting your own job boards or classified ads. This allows advertisers to promote their goods and services or buy and sell products.

Sell Blogs

When the time comes that you can’t manage your blog anymore due to conflicts with time and budget, you can earn good income by selling it.

The one big factor that determines the selling price is how much your blog is making. Many buyers are willing to fight over your blog if they know it is well worth their investment.
It’s now your turn. What ways are you using to monetize your blog?