How To Keep An Eye On Your Employees By Forwarding Outgoing Email

Having employees and outsourcing parts of your work used to mean giving up a degree of control over your business operations, but no longer! Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for a solution that would allow business owners to keep track of any emails that are sent out from their domain (e.g. Well, we’re proud to announce that our hosting plans can now be used to forward outgoing email instead of just forwarding incoming email.

With typical web hosting plans, the problem was that you could send yourself a copy of incoming mails easily enough, but outgoing mails are another entirely different issue. We spent some time on research, and came up with our new value-added feature known as “Mail Copy”, which solves this very problem. We offer this as a standard feature on all our hosting plans, and we’ve even integrated it into CPanel.

Here’s more information about it:


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