How a Bad Web Host Can Tank Your Business


Whether in making friends, dating or promoting your business, making a good first impression matters. Your website is very important as far as how that first impression goes.

A well-designed site with impeccable uptime conveys professionalism and reliability. A clunky, amateurish website that takes forever to load, on the other hand, is an instant turn-off.

So, choosing a good web host is crucial to the success of your site. If you don’t pay attention to this aspect of your marketing strategy, it will end up hurting your business in the long run. Here’s how a bad web host can ruin your business:

  • Loss of profit. With frequent downtimes, your potential customers won’t be able to find you online. They’ll assume your business doesn’t actually exist or you don’t care enough about it to put up a half-decent website. Either way, your online absence will cost you a lot. If you run an online store and it goes down, that’s a straightforward loss in revenue right there.
  • Security breach. Hacking and other security attacks can severely compromise your site. A good web hosting company should have a backup of your files and reliable security measures in place to protect your website. If your web host lacks these, then your website and ultimately, your business could be in trouble.
  • Lowers search ranking. If your site is always down or loads slowly, it will negatively affect your ranking in search results. All those efforts in boosting SEO would have been pointless. A lot of web hosts promise 99 percent uptime but you have to make sure they can deliver that. The quality of technical support is also important so you’d know that they are there any time of the day tofix problems immediately if and when your site goes down.
  • No room for scaling up. A good web host should provide options for scaling up as your site traffic grows. Otherwise, your website will just end up crashing when your hosting plan can no longer accommodate the surge in traffic. And then we’d be back at the first problem we mentioned. Your site should be able to grow along with your business. Don’t let a bad web host hamper that.

Choosing a web hosting provider shouldn’t just be an afterthought. After all, you did put in a lot of effort, careful planning and resources to grow your business. You don’t want all that to go to waste by getting a web host partner that you can’t rely on site.

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