Heat Map Microwave Lets You Know Exactly How Hot or Cold Your Food Is

heat map microwave

While the rest of the world is doing its best to make everything around us smarter (smartphone, smart TV, smartwatch…you know the drill), microwave is one of those household appliances that remains the way it was from the time it was invented. 

NASA engineer and inventor Mark Rober decided to change all that by creating a microwave prototype with an innovative thermal vision that displays the food’s temperature in real time while you wait. Infrared lens is attached inside the microwave that points at the tray while the LCD screen on the outside beams a heat map image of your food. When it reaches the right temperature as seen through the thermal camera, you can instantly turn it off even from your mobile device using a dedicated app.

Unfortunately, this idea is not up through crowdfunding but he’s asking people to sign a petition to know if there’s enough interest for this product. Once there’s a huge market for heat map microwaves, he can then approach prospective investors to help fund this project.

So if you’re one of those people who’s sick and tired of cold pizzas that never warms up the way you wanted it to, then by all means, sign that petition.

Video Credit: Mark Rober