Google Shows its New Robot Dog that Can’t be Knocked Over When Kicked

google robot dog

Boston Dynamics, a tech company acquired by Google in 2013, introduced Spot, their new robot dog creation that can navigate on a rough terrain. It is the smaller and more agile younger sibling of BigDog, a quadruped robot.

Spot is electric-powered, hydraulically-actuated and weighs 160 pounds. It is exceptionally creepy in its ability to navigate around the office, climb its way on different terrain and regains its balance quickly (where this poor robot takes abusive kicks from some of their staff), thanks to its built-in sensor head.

Since it is lightweight and agile, it will most likely able to move around steep terrain effortlessly and can be used in search and rescue purposes.

There is no clear indication from Boston Dynamics on where this project is heading, but Spot never fails to impress us on how development in robotics technology moves so fast into the future.

Video Credit: Boston Dynamics