Five Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog

While producing good content is crucial for the success of your blog, it’s only half the job. It’s also important to get the word out and tell the rest of the internet about it. Of course, writing for its own sake has its psychic rewards but the point of putting out your works in a public platform is for other people to read it. Otherwise, you can just write on your private journal and keep it to yourself.

Here are five easy ways to promote your blog:

1. Tell your friends. Start with your own social circle. Your family and friends would (hopefully) be your most supportive and loyal audience so it wouldn’t be so intimidating to have them read your blog. Post a message on Facebook, send out an email, tweet about it. You can even ask your friends for feedback and suggestions on how you can improve your blog.

2. Join online communities. Are you blogging about food and home cooking? There are lots of foodie groups on Facebook and Google+ you can join. Chances are you can find an online community that shares your interests and the topics you write about. They would be more receptive when you share your posts to them. A word of caution though: Don’t just flood the group with links to your blog. It will look spammy and might get you kicked out. Introduce yourself and interact with the members. They would be more inclined to check out your blog if you’re nice to them.


3. Use your domain as watermark. Do you take good photos? Post them online and use your domain as watermark on them. This will discourage people from stealing your photos and get your blog address out there at the same time. Photos are more likely to be “liked” and shared on social media so it’s actually easier to spread the word using images rather than text.

Just keep in mind a couple of things: First, make sure that the photos you use are your own or you have the permission of the owner to use them for this purpose. You don’t want a copyright lawsuit. Second, make the watermark visible but not too intrusive. A huge watermark that practically dominates the entire photo is distracting and annoying. You just might end up turning off people instead of encouraging them to visit your blog.

4. Post infographics. Instead of the usual blog posts, get more creative with infographics. You can still get your message across but in a visual, and thus more audience-friendly, way. With infographics, you can repackage otherwise boring data in an interesting and digestible format. Just like photos, there also more shareable which would allow your blog to reach a wider audience.

5. Do guest posts. You can request other more established bloggers to let you publish an article on their blogs. This can be tricky though since guest posting has evolved into a business. People are now expected to pay bloggers in order to publish a post, in the same vein as traditional advertising. You can also do this if you’re willing to spend on your blog promotion.

An alternative would be to contact the blogger, send a proposal on what you want to write about and ask nicely if they could publish it. Make sure that your post is well-written, sensible and informative (not just self-promotion drivel), and fits the theme of the blog. Some bloggers do like to help out those who are starting out so they may give you a good break. Choose blogs which are similar to yours in terms of topics and which are owned by bloggers who are passionate and sincere with what they’re doing. They are more likely to be open and supportive of your new blog.