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phone systems communication Providing excellent customer support is one of our key driving business concerns, and is something that we heavily invest in. This has led to us implementing a brand new phone system that would enable us to serve you better.

With our recent expansion into different office branches, we now needed a way to connect our different offices together. Traditional PABX systems were the first things that we considered, but were disadvantageous because of the high fixed capital costs and the inability to expand and scale easily. These systems were also unable to provide some of the more advanced features that we required, especially when we were looking at methods to connect and empower 18 staff.

After talking to different vendors, we finally stumbled upon Lantone Systems Pte Ltd, a systems integration company which deals in advanced phone systems and VOIP solutions. It quickly became clear that they could provide us what we needed. In fact, not only was their solution able to give us all the features that we needed, we were also very surprised that the price that they quoted us was very reasonable, and was significantly lower than the other telephony providers. After we found out that Lantone were chosen to setup call centers for well-known organizations such as the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Health, we were sold.

The setup of the actual phone system was fast and done very efficiently, and we received hands-on support from start till end from their tech guys that exceeded our expectations. The customizations that we required for our recorded messages, and integration that we needed for our existing systems were also done in a snap, allowing us to go live with our new phone system without a hitch. If you need a new phone system, definitely talk to these guys.

So ended our saga of searching for the perfect phone system. We’ve already had several compliments and praises on how professional the system was, and because the system integrates directly with our customer relationship management system, some of you were even surprised that we could even greet you by name even without you telling us who you were. In fact, any of your account-related information, based on the phone number that you’re calling from, will be shown on the screen of our customer service officers automatically once we get your phone call. This allows us to quickly find out the information that we need to solve your issues, minimising the time that you have to wait.

We’re just happy that this phone system will allow us to service you better. What would have been perfect is if the phone system could read your mind even before you called us, so that we’d have the answers for you even before the call is placed. Who knows – maybe one day the folks at Lantone will have a solution for that too.




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