Fastest Supercomputer Made in China

supercomputer Supercomputers are valued for their capabilities to solve problems critical to national interest, and in mainstream business. The fastest supercomputer ever made was recently built by a Chinese research facility, overtaking the United States, and firmly placing China as a technology superpower. The supercomputer was developed from billions of dollars in R&D, and is given the name of Tianhe-1A. Tianhe-1A has 1.4 times more computing power than the now second fastest supercomputer in the world, which is located in a laboratory in Tennessee.

However, this is not the first time that the United States has lost its leadership. In 2002, Japan overtook the United States when they unveiled a computer that had more computing power than the top 20 American computers combined. The United States government responded by pouring more money into R&D and regained its leadership status in 2004, which it has kept until now.



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