Essential Features in an Ecommerce Website


An ecommerce website is more than just displaying images of your merchandise and a checkout link where customers can buy them. It should provide a superb user experience for every visitor who visits it, and effectively convert them to be customers.

While there are no fixed rules to the features that should be found in every ecommerce sites, there are a few that are considered “must-haves” in order to optimize your site for successful online sales. Below is a list of the top five essential ecommerce features that you should have in your ecommerce store.


1. Offer Freebies and Deals

Visitors decide whether they like a website or not within a matter of seconds of visiting it. According to an eye-tracking research conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology, results show that it takes 2.6 seconds for a visitor to create their first impression on a certain website. Given that short time-frame, it’s important to know how to grab their attention as soon as they landed on your site – and a very popular way to do so is by featuring attractive deals and freebies. After all, many shoppers love to receive free stuff or buy something on discounted prices.

Tempting visitors with markdown prices and promotions can entice more visitors to make that purchase. Make sure to place deals and offers in a prominent location, such as on the top part of your online store’s home page. RedmartSingapore’s popular online grocery store is a perfect example of an ecommerce site with well-placed discount deals. 


2. Faster Load Time

You should know by now that most people have short attention spans so if your online store takes forever to load, they will surely abandon your site and look elsewhere. Every one-second delay in loading a page will lead to a decrease of 7% in conversion rate. Make sure to take note and implement these tips to load your website faster.


3. Mobile Compatible

There is a growing number of consumers who turn to their mobile devices  to shop online so it makes sense for retailers to make their website mobile compatible. Make sure that you use a responsive design that allows your site to be viewable in any device (including laptops and tablets).


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4. Payment Gateways

Online stores are not created equal and each one of them will have their own preferred payment gateways where customers can pay for their purchase. Payment options may include COD (cash-on-delivery), credit and debit cards, coupons, gift certificates, coupon, PayPal and others. Payment icons should be displayed where customers can easily see it. Usually you can find it at the footer of the home page just like in the Vodien homepage


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5. Incorporate Calls-to-Action

Your customers need some guidance in order for them to do the next step. Your CTA should clearly lead them to do something such as: register an account, add products to the shopping cart, make product comparisons, subscribe to your newsletter, download your ebook, chat with a customer service rep or just about any actions you want them to perform. There’s no one definite answer as to what CTA buttons you should use so it’s best to experiment with different button sizes, fonts, color, texts, placement to determine which works effectively.


This list may not be exhaustive but they can help you identify opportunities that will attract more potential customers to your ecommerce site. As the ecommerce industry is continually growing and evolving, you will surely find other features that works best for your business. If you have other suggestions that can help ecommerce sites, make sure to let us know by commenting below.


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