Should You Auto-Renew your Domain Name?

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After registering a domain name, some domain owners tend to overlook how essential it is to in renew them before the renewal period ends. In today’s article, we will explain why domain renewal is important and how auto-renewal will make it easier for you to renew domain names.

Domain registration is similar to other subscription-based services like electricity and Internet connection. To continue the ownership and enjoy its features, you need to pay to renew the service before it expires. There’s no way you can purchase it once and own it forever.

When paying for a domain registration, you have the option to pay from 1 to 10 years from its registration date. If domain names are not renewed past its expiration date, your access will be deleted. There are unscrupulous domain squatters that steal expired domains and then ask for a ridiculous sum of money as a ransom for real owners to get back their domain.

If you have invested time and money to secure that domain, it only makes sense to renew them ahead of time. There are two ways to renew your domain:

  • Manual – pay manually by ordering one or more years for every renewal period.
  • Auto-renew – your domain registrar will automatically renew your domain registration before the expiration date.

Normally, domain registrars will send renewal invoice to customers through their email address weeks in advance before the expiration date. So, the email address associated with the domain account should always be updated.


Benefits of Domain Name Auto-Renewal


Less Worry

For as long as your credit or debit card on file is valid, you can rest easy knowing that your domain registration is always updated. Domain registrars will do everything they can to send email notifications weeks or even a month before the domain expires. However these email notices might be overlooked to due to spam blocks set on the email account.

When you enable your domain’s auto-renewal feature, it frees up your mind from having to remember when the next due date is. This gives you more time to focus on other important things like optimizing your website.


Everything is Automatic

You don’t need to do any manual payments. The system will automatically renew your domain registration a few days before the expiration date. Just make sure that the credit or debit card associated with the domain account is still active and has enough funds to cover the registration. Once automatic payment was successful, a receipt will be sent to your email right after.


Prevent Scammers from Preying on your Domain Name

Scammers tend to prey on domain owners who are busy or who are not paying close attention to their renewal notices. These scammers will send legitimate-looking reminders to deceive domain owners in following deceptive renewal services at exaggerated prices. Some might even convince their would-be victims to purchase bogus add-ons like domain protection or migration services. Legitimate domain registrars will never ask you for more money just to renew your domain.

To prevent this thing from happening, it’s best to have your domain auto-renewed. In this way, you won’t have to worry about these con artists scamming you. If you are still unsure whether a renewal notice is fake or not, make sure to confirm that with your domain registrar.


So what if you still don’t want to auto-renew?

Some  domain owners prefer not to use their domain’s auto-renewal feature. And that’s still fine. By default, most domain registrars enable auto-renewal to prevent their clients from accidentally losing their domain name due to its expiration. But, you can easily turn this feature on and off as you please. What matters is that your domain is renewed on time to prevent it from getting deleted after it has expired.

As a best practice for those who choose to do it manually, you need to plot this on your calendar at least a month in advance. This should give you enough time to sort out your finances and send in the payment before the renewal due date. Make sure to add your domain registrar on your official email contact list (so their emails don’t go straight to your spam folder), create an email filter and tag their emails as “Important” so you won’t miss any of their email notices.


Domain Renewal = Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, what domain renewals offer is peace of mind. It’s easy to get distracted and lose touch especially if you’re busy with other tasks. With domain auto-renewals, your domain registration is kept updated even while you sleep.