New Study Shows Dogs can Identify Human Facial Expressions

Dog Facial Expression
Image Credit: BBC News

Dogs can differentiate between angry and happy facial expressions in humans based on the recent study published in the Current Biology journal which strongly validates the proof that humans are not alone in their ability to recognize facial expressions in other species.

There were several attempts made in the past to test if dogs can identify human facial expressions but none were successful enough in validating this theory. Scientists in this new study tested dogs’ ability in recognizing facial expressions by showing them unfamiliar images from those they were trained on.

Check out the video below to check the different variations done in the experiments.

Video Credit: BBC News

Researchers found out that dogs were able to discriminate between two facial expressions more than what is expected in random chance. Another findings show that dogs do not only know how to recognize facial expressions, they can also use what they have learned on new cues.

This research will continue to study the dog’s abilities in identifying human emotions and know how dogs express themselves emotionally and explains their emotions are directly linked with their owner’s emotions.