Digital SME Minicourse: The Art of Scaling Your Digital Agency

Digital SME Minicourse

Welcome to the Digital SME Minicourse  

The competition has never been tighter for digital SMEs as consumers continue to crowd the online space. In fact, B2B digital commerce revenues will almost double by 2020, accounting for half of all B2B revenues. 

With the oversaturated market, you’ll need to find ways to step up and stand out in a sea of startup agencies.

If you’re an established digital agency that hasn’t gained enough traction in years, you could also use a major boost. 

Get started with the Digital SME Minicourse: The Art of Scaling Your Digital Agency

The Digital SME Minicourse is a series of 6 lessons. Each lesson contains actionable steps to improve your quality of service, attract a loyal client following, and excel amidst the competition. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to improve the different facets of your business —  including pricing, services, and client support. You’ll also learn when and how to grow your digital agency strategically.

At the end of each course, you’ll be able to review your current operations and discover ways to improve them for the long term. 

Minicourse Outline 

Lesson 1: Review Your Pricing: Are You Getting Positive ROI 

  • How to Determine Business Costs 
  • How to Price Your Services 
  • When to Raise and Lower Prices 

Lesson 2: How to Improve Your Offerings (and Get Recurring Revenue)

  • How to Upsell and Cross-Sell (and When to Do It)
  • How to Bundle and Package Services 
  • Online Tools to Use for Marketing and Sales 

Lesson 3: How to Gain Loyal Customers and Reduce Churn Rate 

  • What Causes Client Churn 
  • How to Calculate Churn 
  • 5 Actionable Ways to Reduce Churn and Increase Loyalty 

Lesson 4: Drive Success Through Client Success

  • The Importance of Client Touchpoints 
  • Enhance Interactions with Clients 
  • How to Handle Good (and Bad) Feedback 

Lesson 5: Next Step: Scale Your Digital Agency 

  • When Should You Scale Your Agency
  • How to Actually Start Scaling Your Business 

Ready to take your business to the next level?