When is the Best Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

dedicated servers

Time will come when businesses will outgrow their shared hosting resources especially when their website sustains a massive traffic overtime. They will need to upgrade to a hosting plan like a dedicated server that offers more features and benefits to manage their growing needs.

So when would be the best time to upgrade your web hosting plan to a dedicated server? Here’s a rundown of factors to consider before making a significant jump from a shared hosting platform to a dedicated one.

Most small businesses often start with a shared hosting plan since it’s the most affordable and requires less technical know-how. It contains all the basic features they need to fuel their online presence.

However, the need to expand in business is to be expected for successful websites that constantly picks up high amount of traffic. This would be the perfect time to upgrade to a robust hosting plan hosted by a dedicated server.


The Best Time to Switch to a Dedicated Server

Not all websites have the same hosting requirements. Some may require more or less depending on what their website needs. However, there are factors to consider before making the big switch. Upgrade to a dedicated server hosting plan when:

Website has slow and intermittent performance

If your website performance has been painfully sluggish lately, then it is beneficial to upgrade to a dedicated server. Websites that normally take more than 4 seconds to load or are repeatedly hit with an error page can switch to a dedicated server to give them optimum performance.  

Dedicated servers provides faster speeds, customized IP address, (Internet Protocol)  and generous bandwidth and storage allowance.  

Manage multiple websites

Do you manage multiple websites? Why not gather them together under one dedicated server so you can easily monitor and customize their shared hosting properties.

Visitor Traffic is Steadily Growing

When your traffic stats are gradually increasing, perhaps you could consider upgrading to a dedicated server to cushion your site against unexpected traffic issues.

The usual problems faced by website owners is the awful server error page common when one of the posts goes viral. Make sure that you choose a hosting plan that does not restrict your website’s success in terms of traffic volume.


Dedicated Server Benefits

While managing it might seem complicated and expensive, upgrading to a dedicated server can prove to be a great move for your business in the long run. Here are advantages you need to understand that will make your decision to switch all worthwhile.

Absolute control and customization

Instead of sharing hosting resources with other websites, you have complete control over your dedicated server. With shared hosting, other websites might horde all the hosting resources causing your site speed to slow down.

Dedicated Technical Support

While some dedicated servers require a bit of technical know-how to be able manage it more effectively, you also have the option to hire a dedicated tech support team to assist you with handling it. Talk to your web hosting specialist and see if you can have this arrangement.

Improved Security

If your website stores confidential information from customers, then it is to your best interest to put a premium on website security and privacy. Dedicated servers are known to be more secure than other types of servers because your site will only be using one server.

This minimizes the risk of having your servers infected or hacked by shared websites. Should there be any security issues, then it would be easier to take proactive actions to resolve it.

Blazing Fast Speeds

If you really want to stay on top of the search engine competition, then your website should be well optimized for fast speed and performance. Every couple of seconds that your site does not load, you lose prospective customers to your competitors.

A reliable dedicated server ensures that your website will be consistently fast even when it’s suddenly swamped with traffic.

Dedicated Solely to your Needs

A shared hosting environment is often enough a great start for websites that is relatively new and small. But over time, your website will grow and may need more resources than what it has now. When that time comes, you can consider upgrading to a dedicated server to get additional features.

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