Crafting a Meaningful Mission Statement to Guide Your Business

Mission Statement

Do you know what your company is about and why you are in business? When drafting your business plan, one of the critical components to consider is your mission statement. A mission statement provides framework and direction to any organization. This enduring statement defines the reasons to why your business exist.

A compelling mission statement is a balanced fusion between truth and optimism. It creates a path for your business and ensures that employees are driving along with it.

Before crafting or refining your mission statement, check out this great SlideShare presentation: “25 Mission Statements From the Worlds’s Most Valuable Brands”. It is created by the team at Bplans to show how these top global brands stood out with their own mission statement. Here goes:


25 Mission Statements From the Worlds’s Most Valuable Brands


Ready to create your own mission statement? Just be creative and make sure to brainstorm with your team when creating one that specifically suits your business.