How to Convince People to Attend Your Webinar



Planning a webinar is a great way to push your brand as an authority in your niche and get new leads. Research has also shown that webinars or web-based training is an innovative platform to support the evolving learning needs of people beyond a physical classroom.

A small barrier you need to consider when organizing a webinar is how to convince people to attend. With so many options for webinars and other online events, attendants can afford to be picky any time.

Below are easy steps you can follow to effectively conduct a successful webinar event.

Consider the Timing

Start too early and people might not be prepared to attend. Start too late and you might see less attendance because of conflicts in commitment.

The core of your promotional emails should depend on how early your target audience should manage their learning needs and time. Planning a big event will require the audience to plan further in advance to give them more time to get their budget and schedules straightened out. Webinars and other virtual events can be organized at least two to four weeks in advance.

Make Use of Opt-in Email Invitations

The goal for your webinar invitation is to capture the right audience to the said event. It is also the foundation for producing and delivering compelling content to your audience. Of course, it is a must to deliver whatever you promised in the invitation during the webinar.

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Don’t Forget to Include a Landing Page

Sending an email invitation is not the only thing that will seal the deal. To attract people to sign up, you need to pique their interest enough to convince them to click the register button for more details.

Always include an event landing page to capture email addresses from interested participants. This is also where you can lay out bullet points of things they can expect when they attend. This is also a good time to provide a better description about the speaker and explain why the reader should be there to listen to him or her.

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Promote Through Sponsored Tweets

If you want more exposure for an upcoming webinar that you’re organizing without annoying people, another great option is through Promoted Tweets from Twitter. Promoted Tweets stay within the user’s news feed and on top of related search results and other Twitter third-party clients.

Show Your Best Content and Presentation

Provide as many related topics for your presentation as possible to exhibit your expertise in your niche. An effective webinar shouldn’t give them the impression that it’s just there as a marketing tool to collect their email address. Make it worth their time to attend.

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Track Your Progress

Measure your webinar campaign’s progress so you can better evaluate if there are things that didn’t work and if there were successful strategies that you can carry onto your next webinar event.