Does Your Company Website Scare Away Customers?

As the Internet sees more breakthroughs over time, visitors are now smarter with what they want out of their website experience. Minor annoyances (such as font choices) might be tolerable to a certain point, but there are things that prompt visitors to eagerly hit that back button.

If you don’t want to lose potential clients, perhaps you should consider improving your company website through a professional web designer.

So ask yourself this: What kind of experience are you offering to your visitors? Does it  encourage them to stay and engage with your business? Or drive them to look elsewhere? Today’s post will share some of the signs that might scare away customers that you need to look out for and tips to make them stay.


  1. Excessive Clutter

    One thing that can turn off customers is overwhelming them with too much clutter. Bright fonts, long block of texts, too many photos, and pop-ups will only distract them away from your intended message.

Useful tips:

Choosing a clean and focused web design gives a strong impression that you’re a professional company to deal with. Use a few images as much as possible. Make texts more readable by breaking them into paragraphs of 2-3 sentences with important subheadings to categorize topics.

Use colors that reinforce your brand message rather than divert attention from it. A color psychology explains what type of color enhances consumer behavior and influence conversion when used correctly.

Don’t overload your site with pop-ups. It’s a surefire way to drive away visitors. 1-2 pop-ups is enough. It can be an email newsletter or welcome pop-up to convert visitors before leaving your site. As long as you don’t overdo it, everything should be fine.


  1. Inactive blog posts and social media profiles


Inactive blog posts and social media profilesApart from promoting your products or services, having a blog is one of the best ways for customers to engage with your business. It shows that you have the authority over your niche and you care about your customers. However, blogging is not just a one-time thing.

You need to commit to keep it active by posting regularly. Same goes with your business’ social media accounts.  It might turn off customers knowing that you haven’t updated your blog since 2010. They might wonder if you’re still in business or serious about helping your customers.

Useful tips:

If you’re too busy to keep your blogs up-to-date, then you might consider hiring a freelance content writer to write for you. Another option would be to delete the dates from the articles. Or better yet, make a commitment to blog regularly (at least once a week) using a blog editorial schedule.

It doesn’t have to be very long. Most of the time, a short 500-word blog post will do, unless you’re writing about a complicated topic. You don’t need to spend hours on social media, as well. Allot at least an hour a day to engage in a conversation with them to keep your customers in the loop about your company.


  1.  Poor Site Navigation

    A visitor goes to a web page to search for information. If a site can’t provide what he’s looking for, expect him to bounce off and find the next page available. A website with poor navigation makes it a difficult experience for visitors. Imagine the trouble they have to go through just to get to the page he needs if the site’s navigation were poorly built.

Useful tips:

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Do you think that your company website is easy to navigate? If not, fix it. Make it easy for them by providing all contact information such as your phone number, email address and social media profiles on the header or footer. Simplify your navigation menu and use sub menus for every menu option. A user sitemap can also visitors to find the right page he needs.


  1. Slow Page Load

Gone are the days for slow-loading websites. Nowadays, no one wants to wait for a page to load beyond 4 seconds. In fact, Google considers page load as one of the SEO rankings.

Useful Tips:

This is a common issue and we have shared some great tips how to improve your website speed in this article. In a nutshell, to maintain the fast loading speeds of your company website, you should minimize your image sizes, limit the number of files uploaded on the display page and keep plugins to a minimum, among others.

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  1. Not mobile-friendly

    Does Your Company Website Scare Away Customers?

These days, people are not just using their desktop computers to surf the Internet. More and more people are now on their smartphones and tablets to basically do anything online.

If your site is still designed only for desktop, then you are missing out on a lot by ignoring your mobile users. Also, Google will penalize the SEO rankings of non-mobile sites.

Useful tips:

Optimize your company website for visitors from across any devices by using a responsive design. Adopting a responsive web design automatically adjusts the screen size, platform and orientation of a website according to the user’s preferences. This saves you the money from having to design for every new device available in the market.


  1. Automatic Sounds

    Does Your Company Website Scare Away Customers?

Don’t you just find it annoying when you open several browsers tabs and your scratching head to find where that sound comes from? Yes, that experience is way too common and as it turns out, not all visitors like that.

Useful tips:

If sounds doesn’t enhance the overall experience with your site, it’s best to turn the sound off. Or if you don’t want it off, then give customers the option to turn it on or off whenever they want.


  1. Ads

Does Your Company Website Scare Away Customers?

The problem here is not at the idea of monetizing your site. We understand the need to earn money to be able to pay for fixed expenses such as your web hosting services and such. It’s only when you overdo it by cluttering your site with cheap ads.

These ads will not only question your credibility but it also cheapens the look and feel of your site. If you’ve seen any of these get-rich-scheme ads with autoplay videos, then you will know what I mean.

Useful tips:

Instead of promoting other people’s products or services, why not promote your own? This is proven to be more effective for website owners because it allows them to have complete control of their ads.

If you don’t have anything to sell, the best route is to find a reputable affiliate marketing company to partner with. They can provide you with right tools and resources to display on your website. They can teach you how to grow and promote merchants relevant to your site’s niche.


Need Help with your Company Website? Talk to an Expert

Keep in mind, a well-designed company website balances form and function to make it both aesthetically eye-catching while sending a clear and concise brand message. 

By infusing a clean, elegant and simple design, customers will see your business as a professional company to partner with. This will evidently translate to better conversions and repeat visits and sales.

If you want to be more hands-on, there are thousands of professionally-designed templates available to do the job just fine. But if you don’t have the time, you can simply hire a skilled web designer to customize the design according to your preference.