Important Factors in Choosing Web Hosting Package

web hosting package

With the latest Internet technology growing exponentially, there is a great surge in demand for a reliable web hosting package for personal or business needs. Browsing on search engines alone will give you virtually thousands of web hosting companies that offer practically the same web hosting features—unlimited bandwidth, user interface, customer support and so much more.

So how then can you weed ourselves from the mediocre ones and make the right choice? Below we have compiled a short and simple guide in choosing the best hosting package that should tailor your website’s needs.

Guide to Choosing the Best Web Hosting Package


This is usually the first thing that people look into when deciding which hosting company to choose from. However, price should not be the only factor to consider especially if you’re using your website as your major money-making platform.

Be wary of those offering free web hosting package as they might be offsetting their low cost with a required advertising model. Remember too, that superior hardware and finding skilled tech support staff will cost a lot and those offering ridiculously low monthly fees will surely not provide the best hosting service there is.

Disk/Storage space

The amount of storage space offered by most web hosting providers has increased at affordable rates in recent years. So, it’s not surprising to get up to 5G space with a basic plan. Of course, not every website needs a 5G or more storage space since it would depend on the type of website that you have.

Even media-heavy websites (the bulk of their content are media files like photos and videos) can fit conveniently within a hundred megabytes. You can start by planning how much storage your website will need within 6-12 months since upgrading in the middle of your contract might be costly.

Customer support

This is where you should pay close attention to. Just imagine if your website crashes one day, the very first person to call for help is the hosting company’s live customer support staff. They should be able to know what went wrong and provide quick solutions.

You should check out their reputation when it comes to assisting customers before locking in with their plans. Know whether you can contact them on their toll-free number, send an email or chat 24/7.

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Bandwidth limit

Different web hosting package will usually tell you the maximum bandwidth they offer. To explain it simply, each time someone visits your website page, images, HTML, audio, downloads and other files are transferred from the web hosting company’s servers to the Internet, then to the visitor’s computer.

The data transfer will be measured and charged accordingly; so the more data transferred the higher will be the overall bandwidth. Estimate how many visitors your website will likely attract. If you’re expecting a large number of visitors, then you might want to get a web hosting package with unlimited bandwidth.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Searching in Google will give you some customer reviews that evaluate the performance of web hosting companies. Make sure to browse through multiple reviews from different customers since a few of them could be biased reviews made by the company’s marketing team. You can also look them up on their Facebook page and check out what their past and new customers are saying.

Web scripts

At the very least, your web host provider must have PHP5 (a programming language that quickly makes web pages interactive and dynamic) and MySQL5 (a widely used database management system) which allows you to build one database. These programs are important to make your website highly functional and adding web applications easy.


What are the additional web hosting features that a web host provider can offer besides their servers? Whether it’s a spam control, domain privacy, additional data backup, sub-domains or email control, it should be something that you find valuable for your website.

Length of contract

It is common to find a one-year contract for those with dedicated servers. Be careful when signing up for more than a year with a discount because you’re not sure if the web host service might be right for you.

Take the leap

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