Boost Website Performance with CDN



With more than 2 billion internet users  all over the world, website owners have all the potential to reach millions of customers globally. The challenge though lies in searching for a faster online connectivity to ensure that customers will have a superior user experience.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a great option for those who want faster and highly reliable content delivery to their end users. CDN is a huge interconnected system of servers  located in different data centers on the internet which rapidly distributes web pages and content to its users. CDNs are especially suited to speed up the distribution of content from websites that have a wide global reach and huge amounts of traffic.

CDNs serve many of the content found on the Internet today which include audio clips, video streaming, CSS files, text files, scripts, graphics, documents and media files. When a user requests for a particular web page, documents, or files, the server nearest to the user is specifically determined. This allows for faster speed as these content are transferred to the end user more efficiently.


A Geographic Advantage


Let’s say a visitor from Singapore hits a website hosted on the same location – Singapore. Data will take just a split second to travel from the website to the visitor. However, it would normally take longer if the visitor was from Malaysia and even more so if the visitor was from the US and Canada.

This is where a CDN levels out the playing field. It replicates the same data in multiple data centers worldwide. As soon as a visitor accesses the site, the closest data center will automatically be selected. So visitors from South Korea may get the same data, except it’s coming from a server in Japan, while visitors from Spain may also retrieve the same content, but from a server in France.

CDNs generally make use of extensive server networks, so they have an additional advantage of minimizing downtime as well. Should there be issues encountered in one data center, traffic can be directed to another server located elsewhere.


Benefits of CDN


Faster data delivery

Content delivery network serves data from servers closer to the visitors. This is to ensure that packet loss and latency is reduced since data travels at shorter distances before it reaches its visitors. This is the reason why sites hosted on CDN typically don’t experience crawling speeds when streaming audios or videos.


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Save on costs

Rather than paying separate hosting providers and infrastructures, CDN will significantly lower costs on data delivery by distributing the load, caching bandwidth and increasing page load performance.


Decrease server load

CDNs deliver content to strategically placed data servers which boost network backbone capacity. This results in a decrease in server loads on backbones, private and public peers, and interconnects. This allows more users and traffic to hit the website without any issues.


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Higher Availability

Content delivery networks distribute content to fallback, core, and edge servers. Even with network or power outages, CDNs can offer 100% availability to customers.


Sophisticated Analytics

Commercial CDN providers offer real time insights on network load statistics, determine popular regions and maximize usage per user. These reports can be used to supplement your main web analytics.


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With the ubiquitous threats on the internet nowadays, the security that CDN provides to website owners is invaluable. It neutralizes potential security threats through its ability to conceal the user’s main server. The possibility of domain squatting and DDoS (Denial-of-service) are eliminated by using CDN.



Content delivery network offers a cost-effective way to increase website performance across the globe through a simple platform. Those who are looking into leveraging their global reach should consider having CDN for their businesses.

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