The Advantages of Having Dedicated Server Hosting for your Online Business

dedicated server hosting


Companies in the 21st century need to have the fastest and most reliable servers to achieve the highest efficiency with their business. While using a shared hosting plan is suitable for small websites, if your website is picking up more than 15,000 hits a day, you should find the right hosting resources to handle such massive traffic. This is the reason why companies are switching to dedicated server hosting to fulfill and customize these needs.

For those with resource-intensive websites with an overflowing traffic, upgrading to dedicated hosting is the best decision you can make. This article will discuss several advantages of having a dedicated server hosting.


Benefit of Dedicated Server Hosting

1. It gives you more flexibility and control

When you’re on a shared server with other websites, you don’t have much control over server-wide traffic and access to other features. However, with dedicated server hosting, you can afford much flexibility and control when it comes to the types of scripts you want your website to run, the operating system, application and hardware you want to use. It also allows you to create your own server protection and security.


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2. It is more reliable

Dedicated hosting provides hosting resources of the whole server without sharing with other clients. With a server exclusively for your use, you can be assured of enough memory and bandwidth to manage great volume of traffic or all types of multimedia.


3. It has better security

Dedicated hosting are less prone to cyber attacks since they don’t share servers with other hosting accounts that are attacked. You will also receive regular updates on your security patches and operating system, allowing you more peace of mind.


4. You are assured of faster speed

You may have the best product or service but if your website constantly crashes and loads very slowly, customers will surely look somewhere else. Whether you are uploading high-res videos and photos or attracting thousands of visitors per day, dedicated server hosting enables your website to run smoothly and much more efficiently.


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Do you often run on resource-intensive applications, dynamic pages, email services or upload multimedia such as photos and videos? Then perhaps it’s time for you to upgrade to a dedicated server hosting to ensure that all your hosting resources are highly accessible, secure and loads fast. Vodien offers incredibly powerful dedicated servers that assures you of optimum availability for your website. Over 15,000 clients worldwide are satisfied with our dedicated and other web hosting services. Get in touch with us today by visiting to know more how our dedicated servers can help leverage your online business.