8 Power Tips to Grow your Email List Subscribers


Even with all the hype given to social media in bringing a valuable platform for engagement with your blog, email will never die out in preserving that contact with your online audience. Email subscribers are the lifeblood in bringing your marketing message across so it’s very important to have a solid strategy in place to keep them subscribed and increase their tribe. Here are our tips in boosting your email opt-ins and grow this platform for your online business.


1. Invest on quality email list

Increasing your email list is not a number race; having more doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Make sure to direct your efforts towards growing QUALITY subscribers that will potentially add value to your business than just focusing on adding just any subscribers. That one should be clear.

2. Give some interesting freebies

As a business owner, think of why people should subscribe to your newsletter. What’s in it for them? A popular way to give incentives for readers who subscribe is by providing them with free ebooks or guides that can provide solutions to their needs. If you’re an SEO consultancy site, you can give them free ebook on some of your best SEO practices or a list of the best stock picks if you are into personal finance niche.

3. Of course, the opt-in box

I couldn’t stress enough importance on this. You should have one either on the top of the sidebar, at the bottom of each post, on your About Us page, on the Features Box, on the footer and other visible places where your readers are likely to see it. However, don’t overdo it by placing them almost everywhere.

4. The way you say it matters

The words you use in the subscription form will definitely affect your subscription rate. As an example, you can use: “Subscribe now”, “Get a Fresh Weekly Digest…” or “Join now…”, etc. You can make an experiment first and find out what works well for your audience.

5. Comment box

If you want to improve your conversion, you should make it more convenient for visitors to sign up for your newsletters. If your visitor’s email address was entered in the comment box, you can add option for them to sign up for your newsletter in the future. WordPress has different plugins to do that.

6. Guest Blogging

You can attract more email subscribers through guest posts. Take advantage of the author bio section. Insert a link where they can sign up to your email list or get an incentive.

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7. Pop-up

Yes, many people still find pop-up annoying and can distract them from your site, however experts found out that this method is surprisingly one of the best ways to increase your leads. You might want to really think of the headline, design, size and timing of the pop-ups. There are several plugins that will help launch your pop-ups.

8. Loyalty program

Get to know your loyal subscribers and give them rewards. You can either implement an exclusive incentive or perhaps a loyalty program to make them feel that they are appreciated. Remember, it’s harder to keep old subscribers than it is to find new ones.

Do you have other effective ways to increase your email opt ins? Share your suggestions by commenting below.