5 Ways to to Improve Your Engagement in Social Media


To date, most brands are now using social media for branding and marketing their business. More customers expect to see from a brand’s website links to their social media profiles prominently displayed. This goes to show how social media has become an integral part in how a business is done and how we engage with our audience.

For social media marketing to resonate well with your audience, you shouldn’t miss out on the ‘social’ aspect of it. It’s not about sharing contents only. It’s also the ability to connect with your followers in real time which is clearly not possible many years ago when online contents were static and there were no capabilities for real-time conversation. Below is a rundown of ways you can encourage more people to engage with your brand through social media.

Turn comments into conversation starters

Whether we admit it or not, everyone likes to be acknowledged. Engage with your audience by replying to their comments and on their posts and status updates. Make sure to acknowledge good comments or questions from your followers and other things you want to add to the conversation. Even when the comment is negative, let them know that you respect them and show you are on top of it.

It’s best to reply right after the comment was posted just to keep the conversation flowing and fresh. When you’re actively commenting, it shows to your followers that you are responsive and encourages them to actively participate in the discussion.

Be consistent with your brand personality

Make your brand’s personality stand out by building up distinct brand ‘voice’ that should be consistent across all social media profiles. You can create a simple strategy in developing your own personality guidelines.

It’s best to have the same person posting on all social media channels and make sure that the language and tone are consistent with your other marketing platforms like your blogs, website, etc.

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Take Advantage of Social Media Monitoring Search

While your first objective in monitoring your social media accounts is to keep tabs with your customers, other potential customers may not @mention your brand on Twitter or post to your Facebook Timeline. Make sure that you monitor certain keywords that mention your company and other topics relevant to your industry. This is a huge benefit for social engagement because this is where you can tap new business opportunities and connections.

A widely used social media monitoring tool like Social Mention can monitor more than 100 social media sites. It’s a free tool that can help measure your brand’s influence in terms of Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.

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Post often

It may seem obvious but no one hangs around an FB page that hasn’t been updated since 2010. Your audience expects you to post updates and other valuable contents regularly so they have something to look forward to and a common ground where they can interact with you.

Posts can include status updates, photos, videos, employee achievement highlight, posts from customers, charity works, local events, contests and industry news. Every post will allow your audience to interact with you and develop a community around your brand.

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Anticipate the bad days

There will come a time when you’ll receive some issues or complaints about your company. Create a plan that will address these types of issues and how they should be resolved. Customer complaints may differ from one another and each one of them should be handled separately. The key here is that you should stay calm, look on the positive side and never argue with your customers.

These are some ways you can use to improve your social media engagement as you engage with more people within the community. Now, it’s your turn. Do you have other great tips that brands can use to interact with their audience? Make sure to leave your comments below.