5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Can Revolutionize Your Business



Cloud computing system has revolutionized the way we process our workload in the recent years. Local desktops won’t do much of a heavy lifting in maintaining applications anymore because multiple virtual servers comprising the cloud can take care of that pretty well.

Chances are, you might have already used cloud computing if you use email services like Yahoomail, Gmail or Hotmail on a regular basis. Instead of installing an email program on your computer, you remotely sign in to an email account using a web browser. Your emails and other files are not stored on your computer drive but on the cloud provider’s servers.

The applications that could run on cloud computing system are virtually unlimited. A cloud computing system can process all the programs just like a traditional computer would. From normal word processing to specialized computer programs customized for specific companies, these can work seamlessly on cloud computing.

Here are a few good reasons why cloud computing is a viable alternative in running programs and storing data:


1. Convenience

You can integrate different applications into a single cloud computing service. A better example that I can think of is Google Apps for Business where you can consolidate Google Docs, Presentation, Spreadsheets on one account. You don’t have to pay for each app because they are already part of the multi-application platform provided by Google.


2. Cost

With cloud computing, you don’t have to hire additional IT support to install, manage, update and back up servers. The maintenance of the applications will be shouldered by the cloud vendor, not by its client. It is significantly cheaper because you won’t have to purchase a series of software or software licenses for each user. You only need to pay a metered fee to the cloud computing provider as you use them.


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3. Storage

Software programs, data storage and file back ups will certainly require a vast amount of space on computers and servers. Cloud computing can provide clients an option to store their data on someone else’s servers thereby freeing up more space on their computer equipment for other purposes.


4. Versatility and Scalability

Clients are assured that their resources are available anytime they need them and won’t have to worry about the limitations of a single server. You can scale it up or down depending on the present requirements of your business (e.g additional access for new hires).


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5. Seamless Integration

Since most cloud computing applications already have an Application Programming Interface (API) embedded, you may be able to develop new features and applications that are customized for you.


As new and affordable cloud computing platforms continues to expand, we can expect more businesses to make a huge transition to the cloud. When that time comes, your laptop may not utilize much of its resources since in the future, most of the computing will be done in the cloud servers.


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