Looking Back At 2017 : Vodien Year In Review

2017 has been an exciting year for Vodien, with new developments and happenings for our internal and external customers. Before we push forward to 2018, we would like to take this opportunity to share what we have done and achieved in 2017. Here’s a quick infographic to show some of the exciting things that have happened this year.

INFOGRAPHIC – Vodien 2017 Year in Review

Server Managed Services

Managing our own virtual private servers or dedicated servers can be a hassle for customers that have to manage both their businesses and their IT resources at the same time. Server managed services is created to provide basic free server management for the plans, and availing newly paid tiers for customers that want advanced security and performance features. The addon features advanced brute-force security, webGuard Basic, disaster recovery, server installation and performance optimization, and many more. Better spend your time on your business while we handle all round-the-clock maintenance and support behind the scenes. Check out this link to learn more about our Server Managed Services.

A.I. Sentry

A.I. Sentry is our bespoke three-sector web protection service powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is a solution that operates with deep analytics to analyze undesirable behaviours and patterns of existing and new cyber attacks. Since malicious attacks continue to evolve, a traditional security solution would be difficult to detect and prevent such attacks.

The A.I. Sentry operates on a triumvirate of web defence solution that includes: Application Security, Network Security and Bot Defence Security. It protects all Vodien servers from at least 14,000 brute force attacks and 700,000 challenge-response authentication issues per day. For more information about A.I. Sentry, make sure to read this article: A.I Sentry – How Vodien Protects your Websites and Emails.

HTTP/2 Server Upgrade and Support

All HTTPS websites hosted on Vodien-managed servers will now see a huge boost in web page loading speed. In other words, hosting accounts with HTTPS-enabled websites will be able to enjoy even faster loading speeds.

HTTP/2 is the current successor of HTTP/1.1 which features faster web page speed and performance, superior security and mobile-friendly implementation. It reduces latency in the browser request to increase efficiency in data transfer.

The best thing about HTTP/2 is that it’s already supported by most browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Since it has backwards compatibility, any visitor who accesses your site on a non-HTTP/2 browser will be reverted back to HTTP/1.X connection. We recommend that you read this article about HTTP/2 to learn more about its features: Benefits of HTTP/2 and How it Boosts Your Site.

EA 3 to EA 4 Upgrade

We’re happy to announce that all our Vodien servers are now better optimised as it has been upgraded from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4. cPanel and WHM now install EasyApache 4 automatically for new installations that operate on cPanel and WHM version 58 or higher.

With EasyApache 4, it fixes issues with EasyApache 3 where every change done requires a full recompile of PHP and Apache.  It only takes a few seconds to add new module because it delivers Apache and PHP as RPMs. It is also easy to update EasyApache 4 since the operating system does it for you automatically. You may contact our web hosting specialists to learn more about EasyApache 4.

DNS Editor and Advanced Domain Manager

Before, customers with domains can only edit their Domain Name Systems (DNS) via their web hosting control panel, cPanel. Now with the all new DNS editor and Advanced Domain Manager, all Vodien customers can manage single or multiple domain profiles effortlessly just through a single customer billing account.

Our all-new DNS Editor allows our domain customers to edit, add or delete DNS records with a just click of the button, manage domains from another web hosting accounts billed under the same billing account, and integrate with third-party service providers (e.g. G Suite, Squarespace, MailChimp, etc). with a simple template update. If you’re interested to learn more about it, we wrote a full article regarding our DNS Editor here: Easily Manage your Domains via New DNS Editor Platform.

webSpeed Assurance

Loading speeds for your websites are something that can determine if your customer stays on your site and convert. Knowing the importance, webSpeed Assurance is our latest feature update, exclusive to Business Hosting customers. The monitoring service in place checks and flags out websites that takes more than 2 seconds for a full load. With the flagged out list, our SuperSupport team will reach out to the selected customers and offer the free one-time Content Management System (CMS) configuration to make the best out of the hosting resources.

Aside from one-time CMS configuration, we will present customers with an after-action report and a free consultation if required. Find out more about our Business Hosting plans and learn about the additional features and benefits you get from the plans.

Budget SSL

It goes without saying that we can no longer stay complacent as far as web security is concerned. The Internet is replete with cyber threats and other malicious activities that can restrict anyone’s right to security, privacy, and freedom when exchanging information in the digital world. In fact, Google now warns website owners to convert their non-HTTPs site to HTTPs or else be penalized with a ‘Not Secure’ warning on the address bar, both in regular and incognito mode.

So, we recently revamped our SSL product offering to include Budget SSL. This is recommended for budget-conscious website owners. For as little as $2 per month, provide a peace of mind for your visitors and enjoy Google search ranking benefits by getting your Budget SSL today.

Sponsorship Events

Needless to say, 2017 has been an eventful year for us. We had the honour of being sponsors of events such as the P.A.K. Challenge held by SMU and of course, the big one: the National Day Parade 2017. Contributing what we do best, we had the privilege of architecting the backend infrastructure and powering the tech platform of each event. To read more about what we did, click here!

Looking Forward to 2018

Hopefully, this post provided a brief overview of all the implementations we have done this year. These implementations we have done is an outcome of our commitment to provide intrinsic value to our customers–to make online presence possible and affordable for anyone.

We would like to especially thank all our customers for entrusting us with your web hosting needs all throughout these years. You have been instrumental to our success and without you, these achievements would not have been feasible in the first place.

We assure you that we will continue to exceed expectations and break any barriers that hinder technological innovations in 2018 and beyond. For any questions or feedback on how we can improve our services, please feel free to contact us at sales@vodien.com or +65 6288-6264.