10 Tips to Attract More Visitors to Your Website



When someone visits your website, can they easily identify what your company is all about within 10 seconds? If not, you seriously need to revamp your website so that it can directly communicate with your audience on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your company. Below are 10 tips to make sure that your website is attracting more visitors.


1. Create a strategy

At this point, you don’t have your website’s design just yet. You need to create an effective strategy on how you can capture your visitor’s attention and convert them to prospective customers. Your master plan should include what contents and offers that your visitors will be interested in. Your strategy will guide you on how to design your website that can put leads to the sales funnel.

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2. Integrate Calls-to-Action

So your visitor finally landed to your website. Now what? Visitors won’t have any idea what’s the next step to take if you don’t have a clear direction of where you want them to go. Include some calls-to-action or texts or images that tells visitors what action to take next. It can be to ask them to download your free ebook, subscribe to your email newsletter, follow you on Twitter or Pinterest, listen to your podcast, confirm their attendance to an event or to share their comments on your blog posts. Calls-to-action should be placed in prominent locations on the website—such as, on top of the web page or at the bottom of each blog post. There are different ways to integrate your calls-to-action. Perform tests, and find out which one works best for you.


3. Ease of Navigation

Nothing can be more annoying than navigating around a website, trying to find what you’re looking for. That’s why it’s very important to structure your website design for visitors to easily navigate around your website and find the information they need within a few seconds.


4. Include Visuals

More than 80% of visual information are transmitted and processed faster in the brain than texts. That means that people are more likely to engage with images then a long paragraph of text. The number of images you can use will depend on how many you think will be relevant to your audience. You can insert them all on top, below or throughout the text to break up the white space. Refrain from using too many stock photos because it will come across as impersonal especially when referring to your own products or services.


5. Avoid flashy animations

Flashy animations can slow down your website, and may not necessarily improve conversions. Remember, if it takes time to load your website, visitors will leave and this can negatively impact user experience. In fact, even Adobe, the makers of Flash, is ruling out mobile support for Flash due to issues with the mobile device requirements and instead supports the use of HTML 5 since 2011.


6. Get on board with social media

Let your audience know that you’re active on social media by adding social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. This can also allow you to share contents easily to them on any of these social sites. You can also add social share buttons on every page—blog posts and landing pages.


7. Optimize your website for mobile

More and more website visitors are now accessing web contents using their smartphones so make sure that yours is optimized for mobile display. Mobile users are likely to engage with your business if it’s also designed for mobile devices.


8. Above the Fold

Optimize your layout above the fold for better conversion rate. However, higher conversion rates are not purely dependent on whether your CTAs are above the fold, but also dependent on whether the copy below it is enticing. Prospects need good copy before they buy or do what you want them to do.


9. Avoid using jargon

While using industry jargon will make you look like an expert, it may alienate your website visitors. If your website contents are not using the language that most people would understand, it will simply create a barrier between you and your prospects.


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10. Implement SEO strategy

You should implement an SEO strategy that will be easy for your company to get found. Research on the top keywords that your audience will likely use to search for a certain product or services. Make sure that your strategy includes developing contents that is relevant to your visitors.


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