10 Actionable Tips to Increasing Traffic to Your Website

increasing traffic to websites
Most business owners and marketers would tell you that the lack of search traffic is one of the major challenges they face as they try to grow their brand online. If you have an excellent product you want to promote, you need to attract more people to visit your website.

Today’s article will give you actionable tips that will bring more traffic to your company blog or website. While some may not provide quick solutions, many of these strategies can help you build long-term success in reaching the right audience, growing your website traffic, and of course, bringing in more customers.

Have a Solid SEO Campaign

Every successful digital campaign begins with a well-thought out SEO strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of positioning a website’s visibility in search results to make it easier for visitors to find your website online. When carried out properly, it can lead to massive web traffic.

If you have a small business with a limited budget for SEO, you can start by reading relevant blogs on these topic from awesome resources like Moz and Wordstream. For large businesses who may not have the time or manpower, they can outsource it to an SEO professional, preferably one with solid experience within their industry.

For new websites, going after popular keywords will take time to rank because you need to factor in the competition. It’s best to write quality content that focuses on long-tail keywords compared to keywords with higher search traffic because they generally convert well.

Offer Excellent Value to Your Audience

There’s no doubt that most of the digital marketers are now turning to content marketing to grow their brand’s organic search and web traffic. However, content marketing will never work out if you have awful content since readers won’t bother to read or share it to others, which is essentially the whole point of having a blog.

So when creating a content, ask yourself from a reader’s viewpoint, if you would spend 10 minutes to read your content and share them with your friends. If the answer is no, then you need to improve your content strategies.

Make Use of Social Media

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to generate good content and hope that people will somehow find it. One of the excellent ways to promote your content and increase traffic to your website is through social media.

Feature your content on Facebook through link, image, and video/rich media posts. Twitter is an ideal platform to share short, 140-character tweets frequently. Google+ is effective for those in the B2B industries. For B2C brands that are more image-centric, Instagram and Pinterest are two of the best social sites to boost traffic for visual content.

Build Up Your Email Subscriptions

Many business owners focus on capturing new customers through innovative digital marketing techniques that they tend to neglect traditional methods such as email marketing. Email can be an effective tool, and even fairly successful email newsletters can produce significant surge in traffic.

Web Page Should Load Fast

If your website takes more than 30 seconds to load, chances are, visitors won’t stay long enough and your bounce rate will be an all-time high. Ensure that each web page is optimized, including sizes of files, images, media, plugins, and page construction to make it load faster.

Be Active In Your Community

It’s natural for people to speak what’s on their minds on things that they care about, so creating a community within your website is a great way for discussions to take place and increase traffic to your website.

Take advantage of third-party plugins like Disqus and Facebook comments or add a forum where visitors can start conversations. It’s important to have a moderator to manage your community and ensure that members follow the appropriate decorum.

If you want to network with other bloggers to exchange ideas and cross-promote each other’s content, you can join blogging communities like CopyBlogger and ProBlogger.

Consider PPC Ads

Another way to drive traffic to any website is through Pay-per-Click Advertising from Yahoo Search Ads or Google Adwords. These paid services allow exceptional microtargeting of prospective customers. You only need to pay for those who clicked the website.

Although you only pay for each click, it’s best to let PPC experts handle this for you since the bidding formula is quite complex that you might lose serious money from poor bidding.

Upload Videos

More people are now consuming online videos so it’s hard to ignore its potential to reach a huge audience. Youtube has earned more than 1 billion unique visitors per month, and most of them are searching for relevant content about certain products.

Consider adding a video on your website, whether it’s how-to tutorials or product teaser type of videos, this can present a great opportunity for business owners and marketers to create and share video content for maximum exposure and traffic.

Interview Industry Experts

It’s a common misconception that interviews with industry experts are reserved only for the big leagues. However, you’ll be surprised that most of them may accommodate an interview if asked.

Reach out to thought leaders within your industry by sending an email requesting an interview and publish it as part of your blog posts. The popular name recognition will not only boost your website’s traffic, but it can do wonders for your brand’s credibility. These experts will most likely share your post to their own community–helping to broaden your reach.

Be Consistent

When you stay consistent in providing quality content to your audience in the long haul, you will most likely stand out in the search engine results for relevant keywords. Having a blog is only the beginning but staying consistent with your content strategies for years, as opposed to doing it sparingly will spell a huge difference in boosting the traffic to your website.